What is the noun for made?

What's the noun for made? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (often of a car) Brand or kind; often paired with model. syn. transl.
  2. How a thing is made; construction. syn.
  3. Origin of a manufactured article; manufacture. syn.
  4. (uncountable) Quantity produced, especially of materials. syn.
  5. (dated) The act or process of making something, especially in industrial manufacturing. syn.
  6. A person's character or disposition. syn.
  7. (bridge) The declaration of the trump for a hand.
  8. (physics) The closing of an electrical circuit. syn.
  9. (computing) A software utility for automatically building large applications, or an implementation of this utility.
  10. (slang) Recognition or identification, especially from police records or evidence. syn.
  11. (slang, usually in phrase "easy make") Past or future target of seduction (usually female). syn.
  12. (slang, military) A promotion.
  13. A home-made project
  14. (basketball) A made basket.
  15. Synonyms:
    1. origin, character, brand, nature, disposition, style, sort, type, temperament, variety, source, predisposition, spirit, vein, label, kind, roots, constitution, proclivity, inclination, predilection, root, parent, form, tier, constituents, leaning, base, formation, components, category, construction, fashion, germ, mark, personality, class, pattern, level, composition, structure, quality, league, seed, form, temper, parts, content, progenitor, grade
  1. Someone who makes; a person or thing that makes or produces something.
  2. (capitalize) God.
  3. (now rare) A poet.
  4. (obsolete, law) Someone who signs a cheque or promissory note, thereby becoming responsible for payment.
  5. Synonyms:
    1. manufacturer, builder, producer, fabricator, constructor, creator, architect, author, designer, originator, God, inventor, Creator, framer, founder, father, composer, cause, Prime Mover, man upstairs, Him upstairs, master of the universe
  1. (Britain dialectal or obsolete) A maggot or grub.
  1. plural of made
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