What is another word for following?

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Subsequent in time or order
“He studied hard, then sat for his exam the following year.”
Behind or trailing in order
“After the last customer was served, the following customer then approached the counter.”
About to be mentioned
“The following information was gleaned from the available court documents.”
A body of supporters or admirers
“A large local following was on hand to witness the historic occasion.”
The act of going after or in the tracks of another
“Detectives then engaged in the following of the suspect.”
Subsequent to in time
Following the speech, make your way to the lobby for some refreshments.”
Subsequent to in order
Following on her heels was her new pet dog.”
Present participle for to move behind in the same direction
“We know where the bar is so just follow us.”
Present participle for to pursue in order to keep track of, or to apprehend, someone
Follow that car and don't let them get away!”
Present participle for to stealthily trail or watch
“The detective would quietly follow the suspect, hoping not to arouse his suspicion in the process.”
Present participle for to physically go along with
“My dog would follow me on all of my hikes through the backcountry.”
Present participle for to act according to specified rules
“Please follow the company's code of conduct while you are employed here.”
Present participle for to carry out a set of instructions
Follow the detailed directions on the back of the box to toast your pop-tarts.”
(follow from) Present participle for to occur as a consequence
“A revolt would follow from the president's decision to raise fuel taxes.”
(of a speaker, theory or argument) Present participle for to understand the meaning of
“Well, if Einstein couldn't follow string theory, me on the couch with a bag of potato chips won't either.”
Present participle for to take as a model for emulation
“Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar playing technique would heavily follow Jimi Hendrix's style.”
Present participle for to make one's way via a given path or trail
“To get to your destination, just follow this road to the end, and then turn to your right.”
Present participle for to succeed one's predecessor in a given position or role
“He had many fresh new ideas and was excited to follow his father as head of the family business.”
Present participle for to come after in time
“There have been no other known incidents of alleged misconduct that follow the original lawsuit.”
Present participle for take an active interest in or be a supporter of
“When I was younger, I was a great fan of basketball and would follow the Chicago Bulls.”
Present participle for to keep informed of
“As an accountant, it is my job to follow the latest financial laws.”
(of music) Present participle for to perform an accompaniment to
“The drummer started with a funky beat, and the other musicians would follow accordingly.”
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