What is another word for lead?

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To physically guide a person or animal
“John would lead his horse to water, but could not make it drink.”
To be persuaded based on available information
“Mike's outrageous allegations would almost lead me to believe that Brett was a bad man.”
(lead to) To culminate or result in a particular event or consequence
“Eating too much food and not getting enough exercise will lead to weight gain.”
To show the way by being in front
“Vincent Chase would lead his entourage into the club.”
To be in charge or command of
“Danny Ocean would lead a team of specialists who would help him pull off his heist.”
To have the advantage in a contest
“The team got off to a fast start and would lead by 20 points at the first change.”
To be superior against one's peers
“Phelps would quickly lead the other swimmers, leaving them in his wake.”
To be living a particular way of life
“I lead a hectic life. I'm always busy and always on the go.”
(lead to) To be a route or means of access
“The trail along the flowing river will lead to a tranquil lake.”
To give advice and instruction
“Your supervisor will lead you through the rules and regulations of your new job.”
(of a discussion or meeting) To preside over
“As the executive officer of the company, Adam would lead the meeting between the two teams.”
(the lead) A position of advantage in a contest
“As usual, Usain found himself in the lead and even had enough time to salute the crowd on his way to the finish line.”
A dominant position in a competitive environment
“The creators of MySpace never imagined an upstart would usurp their lead in the social network market.”
The amount by which a competitor is ahead in a contest
“The Cavaliers had a 41-point lead at halftime and the Celtics knew the game was just about over.”
A standard for others to follow
“As the captain of your football team, we expect the other players to follow your lead.”
The primary part in a play or film
“Leonardo DiCaprio is a favorite of Martin Scorsese when it comes to playing the lead in many of his films.”
A piece of information that may help in an investigation
“We have a solid lead in uncovering who the notorious chocolate chip cookie thief is.”
Someone or something who is in front
“The lead was miles ahead of the pack.”
A strap for restraining and guiding a domestic animal
“Bobby was a naughty dog who would always run amok unless he was on a lead.”
An electric cable
“Be sure to get a good quality lead for the best sound quality from your speakers.”
First place, or a position of dominance
“We have worked hard for the lead position in our market but we must never let up.”
(slang, uncountable plural) Bullets or ammunition
“Get your ugly, yellow, no-good keister off my property before I pump your guts full of lead.”
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