What is the opposite of separate?

Need antonyms for separate? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of not joined or touching physically
“The twins are literally joined at the hip.”
Opposite of forming or viewed as a unit apart or by itself
“The characteristic flavor of any coffee is dependent on its origin and the degree of roast.”
Opposite of of, relating to, or belonging to a single person
“The task of improving our society is a shared responsibility that must be undertaken by all citizens.”
Opposite of physically separate
Opposite of relating to a section or group within a community
Opposite of standing on its own apart from the others
“I believe I am well-suited for the job due to my past experience in a related role.”
Opposite of not being under the rule or control of another
Opposite of to part or be parted from a mass or group
“My son would triumphantly combine the lego pieces together to form a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter.”
Opposite of to cause to move or be apart
“We believe the new employees have the skills and temperament to integrate quickly into our working environment.”
Opposite of to form a distinction or boundary between
“The new motorway will link existing roads to allow faster commute to and from the eastern suburbs.”
Opposite of to stop living together as a couple
“After a whirlwind romance, it came as no surprise that the couple would decide to marry.”
Opposite of to arrange or assign according to type
“I rather suspect that in my unique ability to disarrange things, I have succeeded in making a mess of things.”
Opposite of to go or move in different directions from a central point
“Two lazy rivers wind to the north and south of the little town and converge to the east.”
(of two or more people) Opposite of to part ways
“Let's meet at the local German bistro for some hearty food and a few drinks.”
Opposite of to divide into constituent or distinct elements
Mix half of a cup of softened butter with four tablespoons of the ground herbs.”
Opposite of to understand or point out the difference in
“My daughter tends to confuse reality with make-believe, but it is cute to watch at times.”
(separate oneself from) Opposite of to sever relations with
“Nelly attempted to not involve herself in their petty and often violent disputes.”
Opposite of to separate into pieces as a result of a collision, blow, shock, or strain
“The town has appropriated funds to repair the bridge and work should begin this summer.”
Opposite of to leave or separate from a group that one is associated with
“Tormund has played a crucial role in getting the Free Folk to unite with Jon Snow and their sworn enemies, the Night's Watch.”
Opposite of to detach or move away (from) someone or something
“As you center your attention on me, I come to you.”
Opposite of to take away from
“They would need to add an extra year to his contract to finally close negotiations.”
Opposite of enclose or separate an area with a fence
Opposite of to separate something from something else with or as if with a screen
Opposite of separate or respective
Opposite of existing in isolation
“The grand house stood among others of its ilk.”
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