What is the opposite of develop?

Need antonyms for develop? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to advance or to promote the growth of
“The athlete knew that he would regress his skills if he did not continue to train hard.”
Opposite of to gradually increase in detail
“Let us analyze the facts as they are now before they begin to complicate matters.”
Opposite of to produce or bring about
“We need to discard our current plan of action as it is not working.”
Opposite of to design or plan an approach for a given task or project
“Let's disregard any ideas for a new website design because it is just fine as it is.”
Opposite of to express in greater detail
“The artist usually had a great range of ideas which she would then condense into a single masterpiece.”
Opposite of to acquire something, usually over a period of time
“I began to lose my appreciation for spices after being away from India for several years.”
Opposite of to come into being as a result of something
“The tadpole will complete its metamorphosis when it becomes a frog.”
Opposite of to become mature
“Food will spoil if left on the counter at room temperature for too long.”
Opposite of to become ill with
“He would, fortunately, recover from the crippling disease by his thirties.”
Opposite of to build, renovate or refurbish
“Our plan is to demolish these buildings to make way for new ones.”
(of countries) Opposite of to become technologically advanced
“The corrupt leader's actions would antiquate his already backwards nation.”
Opposite of to catch a disease or illness
“It typically takes about a week to recover from a cold or flu.”
Opposite of to occur or follow as the consequence of something
“The leader's haughtiness and aloofness would cause a state of derangement in large swathes of the populace due to their extreme hatred for him.”
(a cause or venture) Opposite of support, advocate, or encourage
“Big crowds tend to impede my ability to hear myself think.”
Opposite of to prepare something in advance
“The coach was out of ideas and it was now up the players to get creative and improvise.”
Opposite of start to happen
Opposite of to create or initiate (something)
Opposite of to devise and carry out how something looks and functions
“Your blatant attempt to plagiarize another artist's work will not go unnoticed.”
(elaborate on) Opposite of add more detail concerning what has already been said
Opposite of to make markedly greater in measure or degree
(idiomatic) Opposite of to invent, create, or think of
“We would miss many great opportunities as we were not paying attention.”
Opposite of to contract an illness
“I am hoping to avert hayfever this spring season, but early signs are not promising.”
Opposite of to make a transition or change
“I will continue to remain a blonde after my visit to the hairdresser.”
Opposite of to bring to maturity through care and education
“She would never abandon her children regardless of the circumstances.”
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