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What is the opposite of kill?

Need antonyms for kill? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to murder or assassinate someone
“So if they resurrect any more dead characters remember where you heard it first.”
Opposite of to cause the death of
“One of the female campers emerged from the tent where Jaslia had helped birth the child in her arms.”
Opposite of to put an end to
“We will not initiate a war, but if a war is imposed on us, we will defend ourselves with the utmost resolution and determination.”
Opposite of to cause the failure or defeat of (something)
“As a journalist, she is under no written or unwritten rules of restraint to aid or abet a felony.”
Opposite of to turn or switch off (something)
“Gentlemen, start your engines!”
Opposite of to neutralize or subdue (an effect or quality)
“Watson receives little support from both his family and society, and they become the very sources that awaken and exacerbate his anger and violence.”
Opposite of to overexert oneself
“Corbin would revitalize himself through rest and relaxation.”
Opposite of to cause pain or anguish to
“His death was unfortunate and was much to be regretted, and I wanted to mollify the sorrow and the resentment of his people by showing their sultan some mark of respect.”
Opposite of to overwhelm (someone) with an emotion
“I find it difficult to believe that this love story will unaffect you.”
Opposite of to delete (a line, paragraph, or file) from a document or computer
“You might want to append a clause onto a contract if you feel something has been left unsaid in it.”
Opposite of to delight, allure or attract in an almost magical manner
“His boorishness will undoubtedly repel plenty, if not, all women.”
Opposite of to put an end to, especially formally
Opposite of to kill off or put an end to someone or something
“The Vikings were in good spirits, becoming well disposed to Bagnold, and decided to spare him instead of killing him.”
Opposite of to cause to become tired, weary or fatigued
Opposite of to kill or take the life of
Opposite of to put an end to something, especially one's ability to speak or express oneself
“His public transgressions will continue to occasion criticisms of his wild party ways.”
Opposite of to take the life of
“Joe is under strict instruction to protect the witness at all cost.”
Opposite of to kill or cause the death of
(British, informal, slang) Opposite of to murder, or to commit suicide
“Homer just wants to live by eating hoagies and watching television in a different time zone.”
Opposite of to destroy or disrupt by means of sabotage
“Dad would often aid my development in tennis by taking me to extra practice sessions.”
Opposite of to remove completely, leaving no trace
“The discovery of bronze enabled people to create metal objects which were harder and more durable than previously possible.”
Opposite of to stop or give up on doing something
“The group wanted to continue with their holiday plans despite massive delays with their flight schedule.”
Opposite of to bring to an end
“If you wish to continue this discussion, you must pay some little regard to truth in your statements.”
Opposite of to pass time in a leisurely manner
“When I was young, I would slave away at the family farm for most of my days.”
Opposite of to drink or consume a liquid, typically greedily
Opposite of to remove the head of
Opposite of the act of causing death
“Vast numbers of townspeople and strangers hurried to the river-side, eager to assist in the boy's rescue from impending death.”
Opposite of an animal that is hunted and killed by another for food
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