What is the opposite of raise?

Need antonyms for raise? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to lift or move to a higher position or level
“Please lower your hands. Your questions will be addressed at the end of the session.”
Opposite of to lift or move to a vertical position
“You will need to lower the fridge so we can get it through the door.”
Opposite of to construct or build (a structure)
“They would finally demolish the eyesore in the middle of the iconic park.”
Opposite of to increase the amount, level, or strength of
more ❯
“Could you please reduce the volume as we are trying to get some sleep.”
Opposite of to nurture and care for (someone or something) as they grow
“She would never abandon her children regardless of the circumstances.”
Opposite of to introduce for consideration
“It is no longer satisfactory to suppress awareness of mental health issues but to advocate for acceptance.”
Opposite of to cause to occur or appear, especially through provocation
Allay your fears as the reigning champion has announced that he will not be retiring anytime soon.”
Opposite of to promote (someone) to a higher rank
“Thael would demote his most trusted elder and friend, Pyrenes, following his betrayal to the war chief.”
(distribute) Opposite of to collect or gather together, especially funds for a given purpose
Distribute these donuts evenly and sparingly to your friends.”
(donate) Opposite of to collect or gather together, especially funds for a given purpose
“I am willing to donate to a charity of your choice.”
Opposite of to charge or levy
“The gym will exempt the joining fee should the member refer another friend.”
Opposite of to gather people together
“The group would eventually disband following their unsuccessful stint in the music industry.”
Opposite of to improve in quality
“The internet quality in this area will continue to deteriorate due to the inclement weather forecast for the week ahead.”
(of a sound or voice) Opposite of to increase in loudness or intensity
“Jack, lower your voice because you seem to be shouting into the microphone.”
(of animals) Opposite of to breed or grow
“We must eradicate these pests to save our crops.”
(of plants) Opposite of to grow or cultivate
“Shortage of rainfall and water restrictions meant that the Smith family would be forced to extirpate their dead plantations.”
Opposite of to cause (bread) to rise, especially by the action of yeast
“You must knead the bread dough well or it will collapse.”
(of a siege, blockade, or embargo) Opposite of to abandon or force an enemy to abandon
“They would commence their siege towards the bastion only to be repelled by a sea of long-range ballistics.”
Opposite of to look after or take special care of
Opposite of to present formally for discussion or consideration
“The politician would recant his statement when it caused a public outcry.”
Opposite of to put forward for consideration
Opposite of to make progress or increase the skill of
“His ability to perform will diminish when age catches up with him.”
Opposite of to muster
“After manifesting his internal emotional turmoil, he finally had to yield, and watch a romantic comedy with his girlfriend.”
Opposite of to raise or fix in (an upright) position
Opposite of to raise or take care of
“Apathetic attitudes and depression are personality characteristics we often find in parents who neglect the needs of their children.”
Opposite of to lift or raise something by grasping it
“Do not drop that sheet of glass or it will be very expensive to replace.”
Opposite of to put forward one's questions
“Let me address the question you have posed.”
Opposite of to lift, raise, or set in an upright position
“The seal would feel a charm, raise and shake its flippers, roll over on its side and back as if perfectly delighted, and then drop its head to sleep.”
Opposite of to drive spiritually or urge someone on
“I wouldn't want to discourage them, but I would urge caution and some sensible risk assessment.”
Opposite of the act or state of being increased
“In an alarming report, there has been an unprecedented decrease in the Earth's natural life-support systems.”
Opposite of an increase in salary
“I rejected the new job offer as it would result in a pay cut compared to my current role.”
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