What is the opposite of ruin?

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Opposite of the act or state of destroying or being destroyed, especially completely
“Even after the completion of the building's construction, the scaffolds remained in place for quite some time.”
Opposite of the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective,
“Later, prodigious energy, courage, and rough intelligence brought him success in negotiations with the representatives of an ailing Manchu empire.”
Opposite of a cause of misfortune or misery
“Martin's abject nerdy-ness is partly the making of his success as a comedian.”
Opposite of the remains of a building, typically an old one that has suffered much damage or disintegration
“Off to his right, he could see the great structure of the Gatun Dam.”
Opposite of the disastrous disintegration of someone's life
“The Princess took his dumb astonishment for the excess of rapture and attributed his visible perplexity of spirit to the overwhelming feeling of his unexpected success.”
Opposite of a person's ruin or downfall
Opposite of the act, process or result of causing significant damage to something
“The contractor and architect will work together from the inception of the building until its completion.”
Opposite of physical harm that impairs the value, usefulness, or normal function of something
“However, the Second World War and the reparation of the complete road network after the war caused a serious delay in the creation of other motorways.”
Opposite of something that opposes a person's plans, usually in a harmful manner
“Google is your friend, so use it to find whatever you need.”
Opposite of an act or instance of being defeated or overthrown
“The aggrandizement of Daenerys was getting stronger and more apparent as she defeated cities and liberated slaves.”
Opposite of to completely destroy or devastate
“Many of the families chose to stay and help build the town of West Jefferson.”
Opposite of to reduce to a state of poverty
“He had made an agreement with the exiles whereby he would support them financially in return for them giving him casino rights.”
Opposite of to cause to fail
Opposite of to destroy or disrupt by means of sabotage
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“Dad would often aid my development in tennis by taking me to extra practice sessions.”
Opposite of cause the downfall or ruin of
(usually of a disease or condition) Opposite of to affect adversely
“Eating a healthy and balanced meal will help to protect against all forms of malnutrition.”
Opposite of to cause damage to
“Villagers have launched an appeal to repair a war memorial destroyed by louts on New Year's Eve.”
Opposite of to ruin or spoil completely
Opposite of to cause physical damage to
“He fired a shot at Superman, but it would have no effect against the man of steel.”
Opposite of to end the life of, or defeat comprehensively
“The Vikings were in good spirits and were becoming well disposed to Bagnold, so they decided to spare him instead of killing him.”
Opposite of to destroy, weaken or work against
“The increasingly alienating events in the years and decades to follow did nothing but strengthen their cause.”
Opposite of to put an end to
“We will not initiate a war, but if a war is imposed on us, we will defend ourselves with the utmost resolution and determination.”
Opposite of to do badly, particularly to make a mess while doing
Opposite of make poor
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