What is the opposite of evolve?

Need antonyms for evolve? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

(retrogress) Opposite of to develop gradually
“Within the extreme conditions of total war, the whole of society can retrogress to a primitive state.”
(arrest) Opposite of to develop gradually
“The doctors would valiantly attempt to arrest the progression of cancer in his lungs.”
(of gas or heat) Opposite of to expel or discharge, typically gas or light
“Insulation is, first and foremost, used to confine the heat within a given space.”
Opposite of to occur or follow as the consequence of something
“The leader's haughtiness and aloofness would cause a state of derangement in large swathes of the populace due to their extreme hatred for him.”
Opposite of to create or initiate (something)
Opposite of to become something different
“The old castle's condition would stagnate and remain unchanged for years.”
Opposite of to gradually increase in detail
“Let us analyze the facts as they are now before they begin to complicate matters.”
Opposite of to develop or be developed
(a business) Opposite of to advance, develop, or expand
“After being at the forefront of manufacturing for the last decade, the company's profits were starting to decline due to a lack of innovation.”
Opposite of start to happen
Opposite of to make a marked change in the form, nature, or appearance of
“All countries experience the tension between the need to develop resources, and the responsibility to preserve nature.”
(of an event or fact) Opposite of to become apparent or to be revealed
“Plans for the party would fall through because of the weather.”
(elaborate on) Opposite of to add more detail to something, especially of information
“It was hard for Bob to condense all that information into one little postcard.”
Opposite of to throw or give off (gas, light, etc.)
(idiomatic) Opposite of to invent, create, or think of
“We would miss many great opportunities as we were not paying attention.”
Opposite of to come to have gradually, or to gain knowledge in
“Heather's mother had Alzheimer's and her doctor advised her that she may eventually lose her ability to speak clearly.”
Opposite of to proceed or turn out in a specified way
Opposite of to come into existence
“Is it a coincidence that this issue would resolve from the moment we fired Jim?”
Opposite of to contrive of (something) using skill or ingenuity
“When Gamora found out Thanos's plan to destroy the universe she tried to stop him but failed miserably.”
Opposite of to infer or deduce from existing data
Opposite of to occur or come into existence
“The older models will eventually go, and will not be sold in the near future.”
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