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What is the opposite of collect?

Need antonyms for collect? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to acquire or store an increasing number or quantity of
“It was time to discard most of the junk we had been hoarding over the years.”
Opposite of to accumulate or gather together into a single mass or collection
“We would spread the parts out systematically before we began building.”
Opposite of to come together and form a group (of people)
“There is still chaos in the arena despite attempts by facility staff to disperse the crowd and restore orderly operation.”
Opposite of to receive or raise funds or donations
“The couple will be asking their guests to donate money to charity instead of giving them presents.”
Opposite of to fetch or pick up someone
“Anthony wants someone to take him to the place he loves and to take him all the way.”
Opposite of to concentrate (one's thoughts)
“It was getting to the tail end of the day, and I could feel my mind begin to wander.”
Opposite of to regain control of oneself, typically after a shock
“It is natural to lose yourself in the moment when your child is born.”
Opposite of to assimilate into a single body, structure or system
“Please separate the documents and archive those that are more than twelve months old.”
Opposite of to pick up or fetch something
“Don't abandon your brother at the train station!”
Opposite of to collect, acquire or store an increasing number or quantity of
“People who squander all their resources on things that cannot last are not true stewards of the living God.”
Opposite of to receive payment for work
Opposite of to achieve, especially by succeeding in a competition or contest
“The objective is to win the game, not lose it.”
Opposite of to take or carry something from one place to another
Opposite of to issue, establish or apply as a fee, charge, fine or penalty
Opposite of to store or set aside for future use
“If you continue to waste your points, you will have no credits left on your rewards card.”
Opposite of to come or bring together
“We'll split the group and switch halfway through, so you'll have a chance to shoot both locations.”
Opposite of to earn through work or effort
“An inability or disinclination to network with others will likely hamper your career.”
Opposite of to pluck or harvest flowers, fruits, or vegetables
“Arizona is a typical mountain girl who likes to grow flowers, sing, and square dance to the music of the fiddler on Saturday night.”
Opposite of to restrain or to keep in check
Free yourself from the tyranny of emotional baggage, and you will be able to move on.”
Opposite of to grow larger or more numerous
Opposite of to agree to receive or take receipt of
“He warned the committee that if he were to win, he would refuse his award on philosophical grounds.”
Opposite of to provide comfort or assuagement to
Opposite of to receive or be sent something
“I will send the item I sold on eBay through the mail soon.”
Opposite of to refrain from openly expressing or displaying
Opposite of to accept or receive, typically something awarded
“She had worked hard and tried her best, but would ultimately fail at winning a medal during the tournament.”
Opposite of to assort according to type, category or class
Opposite of to issue, establish or apply as a charge, fine or penalty
“This follows further advice from the Chief Medical Officers, who now collectively agree that it is possible to lift the ban on retail sales.”
Opposite of to arrive at a judgment or opinion by reasoning
“I don't know where we are going, but I can only guess it's not going to be a beach paradise.”
Opposite of to attract the interest of, especially of a group
“The loss of flexibility a family suffers when it buys rather than rents will deter many buyers.”
Opposite of to find, or get hold of, by means of conducting a search through various sources
“When finished with the evidence, he must return it to its source.”
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