What is the opposite of start?

Need antonyms for start? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to begin from a particular point in time
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“Our meeting will end in ten minutes before we all fall asleep.”
Opposite of to come into existence
“Is it a coincidence that this issue would resolve from the moment we fired Jim?”
Opposite of to cause to happen or begin
“The presence of law enforcement would prevent an all-out brawl between the two opposing factions.”
Opposite of to set up or establish
“Bad business practices would ultimately destroy the company.”
Opposite of to commence or continue a given task
“I have been working incessantly for hours and I need to take a break before I collapse from exhaustion.”
(stay) Opposite of to begin to move in a given direction
“We need to stay right here and not go anywhere until the time arrives for us to do so.”
(arrive) Opposite of to begin to move in a given direction
“Barry would finally arrive after traveling many miles from the east.”
(of a machine) Opposite of to cause something to begin to work
“We need to leave soon, so please switch off the PlayStation and get yourself ready.”
(of a machine) Opposite of to begin operating
“My old cellphone would break down after a couple of years, which would give me a good excuse to get a new one.”
Opposite of to jerk suddenly in surprise
“The class would be still as their teacher spoke during class.”
(of eyes) Opposite of to bulge out significantly
“Alexia's eyes would shrink back into place as she relaxed after a hard day at work.”
Opposite of to jolt, usually due to astonishment, shock or fear
“Jake will usually just deadpan at pranks directed at him.”
Opposite of make a sudden flinching movement out of fear or pain
Opposite of to trigger or start movement or progress
Opposite of to be the cause of
“Your method for conducting the experiment will introduce an anomaly that will impede the desired outcome.”
Opposite of to ignite
“Arthur Morgan would extinguish the fire and tear down his campsite after he was fully rested.”
Opposite of to have its source
“Glaciers abutting the river disgorge house-size icebergs into the water, and then the current lofts them away.”
Opposite of to announce the arrival of something
(usually in singular) Opposite of the point at which an event commences
“Charles found himself in an awkward position at the end of his best friend's wedding.”
Opposite of the point at which something is established
“Ongoing scandals would lead to the destruction of the company.”
(usually in singular) Opposite of the reason or origin of an event or set of circumstances
“In this paper, we explore the consequence of the country's civil war.”
Opposite of an advantage over one's peers or competitors
“She would find her absent parents to be a disadvantage when she needed help with her homework.”
Opposite of a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position
Opposite of the front, forward, or upper part or end of something
“A third truck also moved across and, as it did so, plowed into the back of the car, shunting it into the trucks in front.”
Opposite of the action of establishing something
“Their three books together make a powerful and eloquent case for the abolition of the death penalty.”
Opposite of a feeling of fright
“In the midst of enemy fire, Forrest Gump showed immense courage to save his Lieutenant from certain death.”
Opposite of a sudden involuntary movement caused by shock or surprise
“When the infant produced unreactivity to stimulation, alarm bells started to ring.”
Opposite of a shock
(neutral or negative in nature) Opposite of an unexpected or astonishing event or fact
“He had come to accept his fate with bitter resignation, and a secret thrill.”
Opposite of a sudden and violent emotional disturbance
“It was a relief when the plane finally landed in Bangkok and he could get off it, for it was a turbulent flight and he was unable to sleep.”
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