What is the opposite of work?

Need antonyms for work? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite for activity one engages in to make a living
“My unemployment has lasted for six months now.”
Opposite for the activity for which a person or thing is employed to perform
“I go kite-boarding as part of my recreation and entertainment.”
Opposite for effort expended on a particular task
“We are never going to finish building this house with so much laziness.”
Opposite for product or achievement resulting from effort put in
“The scientific flop had been the failure of a group of unimpressive researchers.”
Opposite for a literary, musical, or artistic production
“The controversial artist produced an abomination of pure mediocrity with his latest painting.”
Opposite for performing a task as part of one's employment
“I will resign from my position as a ranger at the local national park next week.”
Opposite for to exert oneself for a particular purpose
“I would laze late into the night despite having work to complete.”
Opposite for to function with a specific purpose
“These blunt scissors fail as a tool for cutting.”
Opposite for to produce as a result of effort
“Consuming too many calories will counteract your efforts to lose weight.”
Opposite for to be successful
“This plan of action is defective and will surely fail.”
Opposite for to operate a device or machinery
“Without any instructions, I am likely to misuse this coffee machine.”
Opposite for to be in working condition
“Your computer will break down if you spill coffee on it.”
Opposite for to produce a desired effect
“He waited for an hour but the medication would fizzle and have no effect.”
Opposite for to bring into a heightened emotional state
“The diplomatic politician would pacify his energetic supporters during his rallies.”
Opposite for to effect by gradual degrees
“I had to bulldoze my way through the large crowds.”
Opposite for to shape or form a given material
“The apprentice baker would butcher the dough with his unskilled hands.”
(farming) Opposite for to cultivate soil
“The farmers would unwittingly damage the vast expanses of land after having grown their crops on them.”
Opposite for to arrange or contrive
“The political consultant was prepared to play by the rules in order to get his candidate elected.”
Opposite for to move in an agitated manner
“Jane's left twitching eyelid would settle after she calmed down.”
Opposite for to arrive at an answer through logic
“I had to think long and hard, then I had to give up on figuring out this puzzle.”
Opposite for the place at which one performs work
“I was in a rush trying to get to work and left my suitcase at home.”
Opposite for to provide for, usually for one's family
“The negligent father would neglect his family's needs.”
Opposite for to cause someone to work, usually hard
“He was a laid-back coach who would coddle his players rather than push them.”
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