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What is the opposite of concentrated?

Need antonyms for concentrated? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of rich and potent from having a high concentration of a substance or element
Opposite of determined or rigorous in one's application towards a goal or aim
Opposite of devoted completely to one object or objective
Opposite of severe or intense, especially in a painful or unpleasant way
“Whenever he tried too hard to recall the sequences, he experienced a dull headache which, though not incapacitating, was unpleasant.”
Opposite of consisting of matter all through
“Most of these applications use nitrogen in liquid form as a refrigerant.”
Opposite of attentively occupied with
Opposite of pure and free from impurities
Opposite of focussed on, or specific to, a given field or domain
Opposite of having been shortened or abridged
Opposite of characterized by conscientious attention to details
“It was evident that the editor had merely given the report a cursory glance based on the number of grammatical mistakes it contained.”
Opposite of having a solid, almost unyielding surface or structure
Soft fruits like avocados, bananas, berries and papayas can be pureed and mixed with extracted juices.”
Opposite of having a dense or semi-solid consistency
“I like my eggs slightly undercooked and runny.”
Opposite of being intent or focused on a goal or objective
“They were frustrated by the frequent losses at war with Celobongo and were then hesitant to continue without support.”
Opposite of closely packed
“The bridge was composed of loose wooden planks, which made it very rickety.”
Opposite of of, relating to, or done by collaboration
“Problems may not be because of the parent who raised these children, but can be linked to other things that are related to single parenting.”
Opposite of excluding or not admitting other things
“As a result of his wife's divided attention between himself and their son, the actor has had to work extra hard to get into her good books.”
Opposite of strong and rich in flavor or smell
“My favorites, I think, were the super-crisp Japanese radish, a triumph of texture with a delicate flavor.”
Opposite of difficult to see through
“The canvas is almost 5 feet tall, and it shows her in a light turquoise satin and chiffon dress with short diaphanous sleeves.”
Opposite of expressed briefly and concisely
Opposite of denoting increased dedication on an individual level toward an issue or cause
“This issue is trivial and hardly worth more than my marginal attention.”
(of a knot) Opposite of closely packed
“Larry gave a huge tug on the jib sheet to trim the sail, unaware that the knot was loose.”
Opposite of past tense for to pay attention to, or focus on, something closely
“Can you disregard what you're currently doing and put all your energy into more pressing matters?”
Opposite of past tense for to direct one's attention or focus on a particular object or activity
“Go out and get yourself indulged in activities that can divert your energy away from obsessive thoughts.”
Opposite of past tense for to group together into a single mass or body
“Early in the evening, a police contingent arrived and attempted to disperse the crowd.”
Opposite of past tense for to meet or come together in a common location
“Upon leaving the bank and hopping into their getaway car, Donnie advises the group to separate so the police cannot catch all of them.”
Opposite of past tense for to increase the strength and diminish the bulk of, as of a liquid or an ore
“Authorities released a dispersing liquid into the coastal waters to dilute the slick.”
(concentrate on) Opposite of past tense for to fix one's gaze at something intently
“If we turn away from the sun, we experience dark orbs temporarily emblazoned on to our retina.”
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