What is the opposite of available?

Need antonyms for available? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of capable of being obtained or used for the accomplishment of a purpose
“There is still a vast amount of information that's unavailable through academic research institutes.”
Opposite of not being in a romantic relationship
“She resisted the urge to give in to her attraction for Sam who was spoken for.”
Opposite of such as one may avail oneself of for meetings with other individuals
“She waited patiently while the doctor was busy in consultation with another patient.”
Opposite of being fully accessible and obtainable with little regard to restrictions
“This material is strictly prohibited by law.”
Opposite of items obtainable via purchase
“Unfortunately, the items you wish to purchase are out of stock.”
(archaic) Opposite of having sufficient power, force, or efficacy to achieve the purpose
“The available methods of propulsion were highly ineffective.”
Opposite of achievable or able to be attained
Opposite of empty or not occupied
Opposite of being fully accessible and obtainable with little regard to restrictions
“Access to these amenities is restricted.”
(of equipment or a facility) Opposite of available for use
“The elderly lady looked around for a place to sit inside the train, but all the seats were already taken.”
(of a person) Opposite of easy to access, approach or talk to
“He made himself unapproachable and, in many ways, the kind of person people would avoid.”
Opposite of currently in effect
“And with dawning horror, Sally realized that the flashlight's batteries were dead.”
Opposite of available to the public
“The author announced his third book will be released sometime in the next quarter, but the prequel will still be unavailable until the following year.”
Opposite of available for purchase
Opposite of prepared for the coming of an event
“I know now he could have had a seizure in the water, and I would have been totally unprepared for it.”
Opposite of in the time for eating, using, etc.
Opposite of desirable as a spouse
“Anything to keep oneself entertained on those long, lonely evenings when pining for unavailable men.”
(of time) Opposite of characterized by inaction or absence of significant activity
“Midday is our most busy period, and we really need all hands on deck to get through the grind.”
(of one's time) Opposite of free or recreational in nature
“I have a set schedule I adhere to, and I do not answer the family phone during my work hours.”
Opposite of able to be derived, deducible
Opposite of that which remains after the rest have been used
Opposite of used to indicate one's role in a particular situation
Prepositional phrase
Opposite of available when requested
Opposite of actively engaged in an assigned task, duty or occupation
Opposite of unmarried man or woman
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