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What is the opposite of thinking?

Need antonyms for thinking? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of a person's ideas or opinions
“I tried to think of something to say to kick-start the conversation, but I was drawing a blank.”
Opposite of the act of thinking
“The boy constructed his project with such mindlessness, that his teachers were unable to make sense of what he was trying to achieve.”
Opposite of a concept formulated in the mind
“The importance of this decision resides in the fact that it relates to people across the country.”
Opposite of a consideration for or reasoning
“Josh treated the scrutiny with indifference and had no time to indulge in a war of words with the media.”
Opposite of an opinion, belief, or way of looking at things
Opposite of serious thought or consideration
“They moved with heedlessness and dreamlike courage towards the doom they had so assiduously courted.”
Opposite of a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge
“To my knowledge, there is only one place in his published writings where Berkeley responds directly to this challenge.”
Opposite of a general opinion or view among the members of a given group or community
Opposite of mental acceptance of a claim as true
“Until recently, hippotherapy has been met with skepticism from a medical community demanding hard science rather than anecdotal evidence.”
Opposite of a person's point of view or attitude towards something
Opposite of the position or interests of one person or group, especially in opposition to others
Opposite of the act or process of considering or examining one's own thoughts and feelings
Opposite of a particular opinion or attitude expressed
Opposite of a tentative conjecture explaining an observation
“Freud suggests that families narrate themselves by first establishing a gendered certainty around the fact of parentage.”
Opposite of using intelligent thought
“He would not have got as far as he has if he were the mere unintelligent cipher that he is portrayed as being.”
Opposite of thoughtful or reflective in one's approach
“We mostly talked about inane things, and I got the impression that he was a very superficial individual.”
Opposite of endowed with the capacity to reason
“Ideologically, they turn in on themselves, becoming more regressive and irrational in their justifications and often more cruel in their political actions.”
Opposite of absorbed in thought
Superficial thinkers see little and blame, while deep thinkers see much and commend.”
Opposite of being deep in thought, or characterized by thoughtfulness
Opposite of of or according to the rules of logic or formal argument
“She gave me a wild and incoherent explanation about habitation on the planet Mars.”
Opposite of relating to one's mental functions or abilities
“Malnourishment prevents a child from reaching full mental and physical development.”
Opposite of having a marked degree of intuition
“She was an unperceptive person, except when her own interests were dependent upon another person's humor.”
Opposite of to hold an opinion
“I started doubting that the president should be spending so much time on social media.”
Opposite of present participle for to go over in one's head
“I have had time to think, and now it is time to act.”
(think of/about) Opposite of present participle for to consider the possibility of
“Seeing the negative effects of drinking on his father made him reject alcohol.”
Opposite of present participle for to recall from memory
“She chose to forget all the miserable times they had together.”
Opposite of present participle for to imagine a possible scenario
“I always did know we would meet again someday.”
(think of/about) Opposite of present participle for to have a concern about
“She was inundated with work and would consequently neglect her son who was recovering from his illness.”
(rare) Opposite of present participle for to have an estimation of someone or something
“It seems I did misjudge you to be a mean person.”
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