How to say take in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for take? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for take
la toma noun
taking, intake, shot, seizure, capture
tomar verb
have, drink, catch, take up, take on
llevar verb
carry, bring, lead, wear, bear
seguir verb
follow, continue, keep, pursue, go on, keep on
aprovechar verb
take advantage of, use, exploit, benefit, seize
asumir verb
assume, take on, take over, put on
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause, render
dar verb
give, yield, lend, show, teach, hand
sacar verb
get, draw, take out, bring out, extract
coger verb
catch, get, pick, pick up, grab
aceptar verb
accept, agree, embrace, take up, allow
ocupar verb
occupy, fill, hold, take up, engage
recibir verb
receive, get, welcome, take in, bow in
poner verb
put, add, place, set, lay
necesitar verb
need, require, want, necessitate, lack
aguantar verb
endure, stand, put up, bear, put up with
prestar verb
lend, give, render, loan, lend out, advance
cursar verb
ganar verb
win, earn, gain, make, get
quedarse verb
stay, remain, stick around, stay behind, tarry, hang on
conducir verb
lead, drive, conduct, bring, steer
agarrar verb
grab, grasp, grip, catch, hold
conquistar verb
conquer, gain, capture, win over, carry
arrebatar verb
snatch, grab, snatch away, carry away, enrapture
levantar verb
lift, raise, pick up, build, get up, lift up
comer verb
eat, lunch, meal, have dinner, luncheon
sufrir verb
suffer, experience, sustain, go through, trouble, come under
ir por verb
go for, get, fetch
prender verb
turn on, catch, arrest, apprehend, capture
gozar verb
enjoy, joy
presentarse verb
report, come forward, present oneself, introduce oneself, come along
detener verb
stop, halt, arrest, detain, keep, stay
leer verb
asir verb
grab, grasp, grip, seize, catch
tener éxito verb
succeed, be successful, win, get on, make the grade
suponer que verb
assume, fancy, conjecture
saltar verb
jump, leap, hop, jump out, pounce, pop
pegar verb
paste, stick, glue, hit, strike, beat
cuajar verb
set, jell, congeal, thicken, settle
arraigar verb
ingrain, grow up, strike
la recaudación noun
collection, income, takings
las ventajas noun
advantage, benefit, toehold, interest, bisque
robar algo verb
take on, touch, plunder
tener cabida para verb
seat, sit
la veliz noun
la valija noun
suitcase, pouch, valise
la maleta noun
suitcase, case, baggage, portmanteau, hump, clumsy novice
los ingresos de caja noun
el cajón noun
drawer, crate, bin, case, tray, coffin
saltar por encima de verb
jump over, jump, leapfrog, leap, clear
las piezas de caza noun
tener lectura verb
la vaina noun
sheath, pod, scabbard, shell, husk, shuck
estudiar verb
study, investigate, look at, research, survey, analyze
alquilar verb
rent, hire, let, hire out
resultar verb
result, prove
afectar verb
affect, impact, influence, hit, touch, assume
el estuche noun
case, kit, box, container, set
el cartucho noun
cartridge, cartridge case
el bastidor noun
frame, embroidery frame, trestle
el marco noun
framework, frame, setting, mark, picture frame, mounting
la funda noun
sheath, cover, holster
la vista noun
view, sight, vision, vista, perspective, eyesight
la caja noun
box, case, cash, casing, crate, checkout
experimentar verb
experiment, undergo, feel, experiment with, test, suffer
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