How to say take up in Spanish

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for take up
tomar verb
take, have, drink, catch, take on
ocupar verb
occupy, fill, take, hold, engage
aceptar verb
accept, take, agree, embrace, allow
absorber verb
absorb, soak up, engross, sop up, suck in
emprender verb
undertake, start, launch, take on, set out
recoger verb
collect, pick, pick up, gather, reap
iniciar verb
start, initiate, launch, open, log in
establecer verb
establish, set, set up, lay down, form, settle
coger verb
take, catch, get, pick, pick up
dedicarse a verb
engage in, be engaged, embrace, go in for, knuckle down
reanudar verb
resume, restart, renew, recommence
tomar posesión de verb
take possession of, take over, accede
empuñar verb
wield, grasp, grip, clutch, clench
subir verb
upload, rise, go up, come up, walk up
empezar verb
start, begin, get, start off, commence
comenzar verb
start, begin, commence, initiate, launch
fijar verb
set, fix, determine, fasten, focus, settle
llenar verb
fill, fill out, fill up, fill in, load, pack
quitar verb
remove, take away, take off, pull off, take out
instalar verb
install, set up, establish, instal, lay, put in
dar comienzo verb
initiate, lead off
cobrar verb
charge, collect, receive, gain, get, retrieve
estrechar verb
narrow, tighten, grasp, tighten up
censurar verb
censor, censure, condemn, rebuke, decry, deprecate
hacer llenado verb
take up
dar inicio verb
lead off
quedar verb
stay, remain, keep, rest, stick around, come up
empezar a contar verb
take up
relacionarse verb
be related, be connected, pertain
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