How to say lay in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for lay? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for lay
laico adjective
secular, laic, laical
poner verb
put, add, place, set, give
lego adjective
colocar verb
place, put, position, set, settle
seglar adjective
tendido adjective
lying, laid
echar verb
cast, throw, put, pour, toss
presentar verb
present, submit, introduce, show, display, exhibit
imponer verb
impose, enforce, set, assert, enjoin
tender verb
tend, extend, spread, lay out, put out
preparar verb
prepare, make, ready, draw up, train
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause, render
extender verb
extend, spread, expand, stretch, spread out
instalar verb
install, set up, establish, instal, put in
formar verb
form, train, shape, educate, make up
apostar verb
bet, wager, stake, post, punt
acostado adjective
lying, lying down, recumbent
situar verb
place, position, situate, set, site
tirar verb
pull, throw, shoot, throw away, throw out
sembrar verb
sow, plant, seed, put in, bestrew
atribuir verb
attribute, ascribe, assign, refer, affix
exponerse verb
expose oneself, lay oneself
profano adjective
profane, secular
dejar en verb
lay off, lay down, lay aside, lay out, lay by
poner huevos verb
derribar verb
bring down, overthrow, knock down, topple, demolish, pull down
tirarse verb
plunge, knock off
no profesional adjective
unprofessional, non-professional, amateurish
dejarse verb
let, allow, throw off
conjurar verb
conjure, adjure, invoke, get rid of
quitar verb
remove, take away, take off, pull off, take out, wash away
extendido adjective
extended, widespread, spread out, outspread, laid
apuntar verb
point, aim, record, write down, jot down, register
acallar verb
silence, hush, still, quieten, blanket
abatir verb
bring down, cast down, demolish, beat down
matar verb
kill, slay, murder, slaughter, shoot, destroy
yacido adjective
arrastrar verb
drag, draw, pull, haul, lug
el canto noun
singing, song, edge, chant, canto
tirarse a verb
knock off
exorcizar verb
exorcise, exorcize, lay a ghost
estado tendido adjective
la canción noun
song, singing, chanson, lyric, dirge
quietar verb
aquietar verb
still, calm, allay, lull
follar verb
fuck, screw, fuck around, fuck up, blow with bellows
la trova noun
hacer otra cosa verb
encamar verb
estar echado verb
lie, lie down
no idóneo adjective
estado enterrado adjective
no experto adjective
estado tumbado adjective
estado echado adjective
el estado acostado noun
formular verb
formulate, frame, state, shape, article
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