How to say draw in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for draw? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for draw
dibujar verb
sketch, design
el empate noun
dead heat, joint
el sorteo noun
lot, raffle, toss-up
sacar verb
take, get, take out, bring out, extract
llamar verb
call, get, knock, name, ring, call up
extraer verb
extract, pull, pull out, mine, take out
las tablas noun
atraer verb
attract, lure, appeal, entice, engage
trazar verb
trace, plot, lay out, delineate, build
la atracción noun
attraction, pull, attractiveness, amusement
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause, render
arrastrar verb
drag, pull, haul, lug, trail
tomar verb
take, have, drink, catch, take up, take on
robar verb
steal, rob, thieve, pinch, remove
retirar verb
remove, withdraw, retire, recall, drop, retract
tirar verb
pull, throw, shoot, throw away, throw out, discard
girar verb
turn, rotate, spin, revolve, twist, swivel
empatar verb
tie, join
echar verb
cast, throw, put, lay, pour, toss
sortear verb
raffle, toss
tirar de verb
pull on, tug, pull in, pluck at, lug
estirar verb
stretch, extend, tighten, strain, overstretch, tighten up
cobrar verb
charge, collect, receive, gain, get, retrieve
correr verb
run, flow, hurry, chase, slide
provocar verb
provoke, trigger, induce, elicit, incite
extender verb
extend, spread, expand, stretch, spread out, enlarge
percibir verb
perceive, sense, notice, discern, earn, detect
pasar verb
pass, go, move, happen, get, go by
sacarse verb
arrancar verb
tear, pull, pluck, tear off, pull up
despertar verb
wake, awaken, arouse, rouse, waken, get up
ganar verb
win, earn, gain, make, get
tender verb
tend, lay, extend, spread, lay out, put out
el tiro noun
shot, throw, hit
derramar verb
shed, spill, pour, pour out, shower
entablar verb
enter into, establish, file, initiate, start, begin
apartarse verb
step aside, draw away, part, stand aside, move aside
respirar verb
breathe, respire
prepararse verb
prepare, get ready, gear up, train, limber up, make one's dispositions
abrir verb
open, open up, start, break, cut open, unfold
motivar verb
motivate, cause, result in, give rise to, motive
causar verb
cause, inflict, bring about, give, bring on, entail
hacer manar verb
destripar verb
gut, eviscerate, paunch
moverse verb
move, travel, stir, shift, budge, move over
la taquillera noun
hacer reventar verb
taquillar verb
correr las cortinas verb
irse de éxito verb
tear down, fail
tender sobre verb
hang out, hold out, thrust out
sonsacar algo a alguien verb
realizar un tiramiento verb
ser ladrón verb
la función noun
function, performance, show
la obra de mucho éxito noun
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