How to say do in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for do? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for do
hacer verb
make, ask, be, cause, render
el do noun
realizar verb
perform, carry out, realize, accomplish, achieve
hacer de verb
cumplir verb
comply, fulfill, accomplish, satisfy, perform
actuar verb
act, perform, play, proceed, appear
obrar verb
act, work
poner verb
put, add, place, set, lay, give
lavar verb
wash, rinse, launder, wash out, wash down, wash up
servir verb
serve, help, serve up, wait, attend
vivir verb
live, live on, reside, live up, live through
arreglar verb
fix, arrange, settle, sort, fix up
ir a verb
get, visit, attend, come in for
cursar verb
darse verb
assume, lend, dedicate, take to, exchange
el lío noun
mess, hassle, fuss, bundle, muddle, tangle
limpiar verb
clean, clean up, clear, cleanse, wipe
rendir a verb
yield, throw in, bring in
peinar verb
hacer puesto verb
salvar verb
save, salvage, rescue, salve
hacer un recorrido verb
hacer el papel de verb
impersonate, personate
hacer el curso verb
hacer una visita verb
call, come by, come over, come round
hacer una acción verb
hacer la vista de verb
hacer lavado verb
interpretar el papel de verb
make, release
el sonido de do noun
el guateque noun
party, thrash
el enredo noun
tangle, entanglement, mess, involvement, jam, embroilment
cocer verb
cook, boil, fire, stew, burn
ser a propósito verb
dirigirse a verb
address, repair to, accost, make an application to
venir al caso verb
marchar a verb
resolver para verb
figure out, judge, straighten, adjust, accommodate
guisar verb
cook, stew, prepare
tener una procedencia verb
tener el origen verb
hacer limpiado verb
hacer peinado verb
recorrer los monumentos verb
viajar por verb
kick about
hacer resuelto verb
timar verb
cheat, swindle, trick, gull, chisel
tener el inicio verb
la fiesta noun
party, holiday, feast, festival, feast day, fete
recorrer verb
travel, walk, tour, roam, wander, go over
visitar verb
visit, pay a visit, call on, come by, frequent, call at
representar verb
represent, depict, play, portray, act
tributar verb
throw in
preparar verb
prepare, make, ready, draw up, train
cubrir verb
cover, coat, serve, drape, overlay, blanket
proceder verb
proceed, take legal action
estudiar verb
study, investigate, look at, research, survey, analyze
convenir verb
agree, suit, arrange, concur, fall in
alcanzar verb
reach, achieve, attain, accomplish, hit
la ceremonia noun
ceremony, ritual
el acto noun
act, event, deed
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