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How to say set in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for set? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for set
el conjunto noun
whole, ensemble, body, aggregate, grouping
el set noun
establecer verb
establish, set up, lay down, form, settle
el juego noun
game, play, gambling, sport, suite
la serie noun
series, range, succession, sequence, raft
establecido adjective
established, located, prescriptive, vested, staple
ajustar verb
adjust, fit, trim, regulate, suit
el grupo noun
group, band, party, team, panel
fijar verb
fix, determine, fasten, focus, settle
fijado adjective
fixed, stated, appointed
el aparato noun
apparatus, device, appliance, machine, gadget
el equipo noun
team, equipment, crew, gear, kit
la colección noun
collection, array, assemblage, lot
listo adjective
ready, clever, smart, prepared, poised
fraguado adjective
el surtido noun
assortment, variety, selection, choice, supply
poner verb
put, add, place, lay, give
dispuesto adjective
ready, disposed, prepared, minded, unposted
el marcado noun
el estuche noun
case, kit, box, container
colocar verb
place, put, position, lay, settle
el tren noun
estable adjective
stable, steady, permanent, equable
firme adjective
firm, strong, steady, solid, steadfast
montado adjective
mounted, erect
montar verb
mount, ride, assemble, set up, put on
engastado adjective
fijarse verb
take notice, become fixed, lodge, latch on to, become steady
el asiento noun
seat, seating, chair, trim, place
la pandilla noun
gang, clique, band, crew, mob
armar verb
arm, put together, assemble, piece together, fit out
marcar verb
mark, dial, score, tick, check off
fraguar verb
forge, bind
el aderezo noun
dressing, seasoning, garnish
rígido adjective
rigid, stiff, stark, tense, hidebound
sentar verb
sit, seat, lay down
plantear verb
pose, propose, present, put, propound
situar verb
place, position, situate, site, lay
el bastidor noun
frame, embroidery frame, trestle
imponer verb
impose, enforce, lay, assert, enjoin
cuajar verb
jell, congeal, thicken, settle, take
endurecer verb
harden, toughen, stiffen, bake, toughen up
fraguarse verb
el tiro noun
shot, throw, hit
el alabeo noun
warp, buckle
inmóvil adjective
still, motionless, stationary, immobile, immovable
desplegar verb
deploy, display, unfold, expand, open, unfurl
engarzar verb
cuajarse verb
curdle, congeal, thicken, clot
poner en hora verb
dirigir a verb
turn, aim at, turn around, turn about
dar a verb
give on to, utter, devote, thunder
poner a empollar verb
declinar verb
decline, wane, inflect, slip, slope
empollar verb
hatch, brood, sit, cram, incubate
soplar verb
blow, puff, fan, prompt, grass, tell
coagularse verb
clot, coagulate, congeal, curdle
afinar verb
tune, key, tune up, attune
encajarse verb
ponerse fijo verb
esteriotipado adjective
engastar verb
mount, set in, beset, take to
enredar verb
tangle, entangle, confuse, embroil, ravel, intertwine
componer verb
compose, make up, repair, mend, set up
triscar verb
mingle, tease, gambol, mock
coagular verb
coagulate, clot
afilar verb
sharpen, hone, taper, whet, point
dejar reposar verb
las dirección a noun
steering, superintendence, provostship
el esqueje noun
el entibado noun
la clase noun
class, kind, sort, lesson, manner
el ojo noun
citar verb
cite, quote, summon, call, summons, date
parar verb
stop, halt, end, end up, parry, cease
seguir con la misma expresión verb
caer verb
fall, drop, fall down, fall off, fall out
reducir verb
reduce, lower, cut, decrease, narrow
desarrollar verb
develop, expand, work out, work up, set forth
la banda noun
band, side, strip, gang, brass band, bend
la categoría noun
category, class, grade, rank, denomination, position
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