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How to say throw in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for throw? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for throw
el tiro noun
shot, hit
lanzar verb
launch, release, pitch, send, shoot
tirar verb
pull, shoot, throw away, throw out, discard
arrojar verb
cast, give, dump, fling, hurl
echar verb
cast, put, lay, pour, toss
el lanzamiento noun
launch, release, launching, shoot, throwing
los lance noun
affair, incident
botar verb
throw away, launch, dispose of, sail, throw aside
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause
echarse verb
lie, lie down, lay down, stretch out, throw oneself
proyectar verb
project, screen, scheme, map out, show
aclarar verb
clarify, clear, rinse, clear up, brighten, lighten
derribar verb
bring down, overthrow, knock down, topple, demolish, pull down
quitarse verb
take off, shed, pull off, wash off, doff, throw off
confundir verb
confuse, mistake, confound, mix, mix up, obscure
despedir verb
dismiss, sack, discharge, release, give off
la tirada noun
print, toss, heave
sacrificar verb
sacrifice, slaughter, give, give up, lay down, put down
meterse verb
get into, jump on
el derribo noun
regalar verb
give away, present, give a present
las echada noun
cast, toss, chuck, heave
asestar verb
deal, land, aim, fire, thrust
torcer verb
twist, turn, distort, change, inflect, sprain
desmontar verb
disassemble, dismantle, dismount, take apart, strip, take to pieces
empeñar verb
pawn, pledge, engage, hock, engage in
la jugada noun
move, play, gamble
mudar verb
move, change, shed, slough, molt
dar forma a verb
dejar perplejo verb
perplex, beat, muddle
quitar perplejo verb
desarzonar verb
derribar algo verb
kick down, push down, throw down, pull down, hack down
hacer tornear verb
trocarse verb
hacer transbordo verb
dedicar verb
devote, dedicate, expend, put in, bestow
entregar verb
deliver, give, hand, submit, hand over, surrender
cambiarse verb
change, alter, turn around, turn about
pagar verb
pay, pay for, repay, pay back, pay out, meet
ofrecer verb
offer, give, present, feature, offer up, extend
prestar verb
lend, give, render, loan, lend out, advance
desconcertar verb
disconcert, puzzle, baffle, confuse, mystify
formar verb
form, train, shape, educate, make up, marshal
dirigir para verb
transformarse verb
turn, turn around, turn about
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