How to say knock off in Spanish

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More Spanish words for knock off
rebajar verb
lower, reduce, cut, bring down, lessen
quitar verb
remove, take away, take off, pull off, take out
acabar verb
end, finish, complete, terminate, come, wind up
matar verb
kill, slay, murder, slaughter, shoot
tirar verb
pull, throw, shoot, throw away, throw out, discard
hacer caer verb
topple, trip, push down, trip up, settle
descontar verb
discount, deduct, rebate, take off, abate
suspender verb
suspend, stay, stop, discontinue, call off
cargarse verb
load, bump off, zap, waste
limpiar verb
clean, clean up, clear, cleanse, wipe, clean out
birlar verb
snaffle, lift, sneak, nick, knock down
finalizar verb
finalize, terminate, conclude, close, expire
suspender el trabajo verb
leave off
tirarse verb
plunge, lay
despachar de verb
get off
dejar de trabajar verb
knock off
salir del trabajo verb
knock off
tirarse a verb
terminar de verb
get through, get over, give over, hole, land
despenar verb
knock off
detener en verb
apprehend, bring in, intercept
cesar verb
cease, stop, end, terminate, break
ejecutar verb
run, execute, implement, perform, enforce, accomplish
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knock verb, noun
golpe, golpear, llamar, llamada, toque
off adjective, preposition, noun
apagado, de, salida, cancelado, cortado
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