How to say give in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for give? Here's a list of translations.

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More Spanish words for give
dar verb
yield, lend, show, teach, hand
la elasticidad noun
elasticity, resilience, resiliency, stretch, spring
ofrecer verb
offer, present, feature, offer up, extend
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause
entregar verb
deliver, hand, submit, hand over, surrender
prestar verb
lend, render, loan, lend out, advance
ceder verb
yield, assign, give in, cede, give up
otorgar verb
grant, award, bestow, confer, adjudge
conceder verb
grant, award, concede, allow, accord
poner verb
put, add, place, set, lay
regalar verb
give away, present, give a present
emitir verb
issue, emit, cast, broadcast, express
permitir verb
allow, enable, permit, let, empower
transmitir verb
transmit, convey, broadcast, pass on, send
dictar verb
dictate, hand down
dedicar verb
devote, dedicate, expend, put in, bestow, inscribe
pronunciar verb
pronounce, utter, deliver, preach, bring in
el regalo noun
gift, present, treat, offering, give-away
causar verb
cause, inflict, bring about, bring on, entail
sacrificar verb
sacrifice, slaughter, give up, lay down, put down
arrojar verb
throw, cast, dump, fling, hurl
pasar verb
pass, go, move, happen, get, go by
ocasionar verb
cause, bring about, occasion, entail, involve, induce
consagrar verb
consecrate, devote, dedicate, sanctify
imponer verb
impose, enforce, set, lay, assert
pegar verb
paste, stick, glue, hit, strike, beat
dar de sí verb
hacer constar verb
record, write down, light, minute
pagar verb
pay, pay for, repay, pay back, pay out, meet
comunicar verb
communicate, report, inform, notify, convey, impart
proferir verb
utter, ejaculate, light
quitar verb
remove, take away, take off, pull off, take out, wash away
empeñar verb
pawn, pledge, engage, hock, engage in, throw
hundirse verb
sink, plunge, go down, sag, go under, slump
lanzar verb
launch, throw, release, pitch, send
dar por resultado verb
result in
condenar a verb
entonar verb
tone, intone, intonate, sound, pitch
castigar con verb
romperse verb
break, break up, fall apart, come apart
producir verb
produce, yield, result in, generate, bring about, develop
representar verb
represent, depict, play, portray, act
organizar verb
organize, arrange, host, be organized, stage, put together
encajar verb
fit, insert, dovetail, encase, enclose, put up with
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