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How to say put out in Spanish

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for put out
apagar verb
turn off, blow out, turn out, douse, mute
poner verb
put, add, place, set, lay
sacar verb
take, get, draw, take out, bring out
poner fuera verb
lay out
extinguir verb
extinguish, wipe out, put down, exterminate, die off
sofocar verb
stifle, suffocate, put down, choke, quench
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause
extender verb
extend, spread, expand, stretch, spread out, enlarge
salir verb
leave, get out, go out, go, come out
echar verb
cast, throw, put, lay, pour
alargar verb
lengthen, extend, elongate, reach, draw out, spin out
tender verb
tend, lay, extend, spread, lay out
expulsar verb
expel, eject, out, drive out, oust, push out
producir verb
produce, yield, result in, generate, bring about, develop
poner en la calle verb
turn out
invertir verb
invest, invert, put, tie up, lay out
enfadar verb
anger, annoy, irritate, displease, bore
hacer correr verb
run, race, put about, put around, trundle
asomar verb
show, poke, peep, poke out, stick out
molestarse verb
trouble, worry, put oneself out
poner a secar verb
put out
molestar verb
disturb, bother, annoy, trouble, tease
irritar a verb
anger, aggravate, nettle, chafe
mandar a pasearse verb
put out
desahuciar verb
evict, dispossess, oust, give up, give up hope for
echar al mar verb
dislocar verb
put out
dar fuera verb
put out
desconcertar verb
disconcert, puzzle, baffle, confuse, mystify
hacerse a la mar verb
put to sea, put off
enojar verb
anger, annoy, displease
poner fuera de combate verb
knock out, lay out
enchinchar verb
put out
incomodar verb
inconvenience, trouble, incommode, put upon
dislocarse verb
sacar a luz verb
bring to light, bring out, dredge up, show up, come to light
diseminar verb
disseminate, put around, put about
desacomodar verb
publicar verb
publish, publicize, print, insert in a newspaper, utter
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