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How to say show in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for show? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for show
mostrar verb
display, exhibit, present, indicate, manifest
el show noun
el espectáculo noun
spectacle, entertainment
demostrar verb
demonstrate, prove, evidence, display, illustrate
el programa noun
program, schedule, scheme, plan, programming
la demostración noun
demonstration, proof, showing, display, sign
enseñar verb
teach, train, instruct, educate, hold up
la feria noun
fair, carnival, donnybrook
la exposición noun
exposure, exhibition, exposition, exhibit, display
el salón noun
lounge, salon, saloon, parlor, sitting room
la función noun
function, performance
la actuación noun
performance, action, operation, showing, gig
el concurso noun
competition, contest, concourse
el alarde noun
boast, display, brag, parade, show-off
la apariencia noun
appearance, look, semblance, seeming, veneer
la ostentación noun
ostentation, display, pretense, flashiness, showiness
la vista noun
view, sight, vision, vista, perspective
aparecer verb
appear, show up, emerge, turn up, come up
presentar verb
present, submit, introduce, display, exhibit
indicar verb
indicate, tell, suggest, signal, point out
exhibir verb
display, exhibit
verse verb
meet, get together, rendezvous
exponer verb
expose, exhibit, present, display, state
manifestar verb
manifest, state, demonstrate, display, exhibit
revelar verb
reveal, disclose, expose, divulge, give away
dar verb
give, yield, lend, teach, hand
tener verb
have, keep, own, bear, hold, possess
señalar verb
mark, designate, mark out, signalize, mark off
asomar verb
poke, peep, poke out, stick out, peep out
evidenciar verb
prove, make evident
el negocio noun
deal, bargain, trade, commerce, transaction
representar verb
represent, depict, play, portray, act
marcar verb
mark, dial, score, set, tick
registrar verb
register, record, search, file, enter, enroll
dejar ver verb
alegar verb
plead, allege, adduce
dar una función verb
llegar en tercer lugar verb
explicar verb
explain, account for, explicate, interpret, sort out
proyectar verb
project, screen, throw, scheme, map out
proyectarse verb
conceder verb
grant, give, award, concede, allow, accord
exteriorizar verb
externalize, exteriorize, act out, express outwardly, reveal
experimentar verb
experiment, undergo, feel, experiment with, test, suffer
conducir verb
lead, drive, conduct, bring, steer
la sombra noun
shadow, shade, shading, darkness, shadiness
la oportunidad noun
opportunity, chance, occasion, shot, break, advisability
el aparato noun
apparatus, device, appliance, machine, set
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