How to say play in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for play? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for play
jugar verb
gamble, play around, play at, move, sport
el juego noun
game, set, gambling, sport, suite
desempeñar verb
perform, discharge, act, redeem
la obra noun
work, piece, oeuvre, handiwork, building site
la jugada noun
move, gamble
tocar verb
touch, perform, contact, ring, feel
interpretar verb
interpret, read, perform, construe, translate
jugar de verb
representar verb
represent, depict, portray, act, perform
actuar verb
act, perform, proceed, appear
sonar verb
sound, ring, toot, rattle, jangle
jugar contra verb
take on
jugarse verb
funcionar verb
work, function, run, operate, perform, act
la diversión noun
fun, diversion, amusement, entertainment, relaxation
el teatro noun
theater, stage, playhouse, theatre, play-acting
gastar verb
spend, expend, waste, burn, wear
la holgura noun
looseness, roominess
apostar por verb
mover verb
move, shift, shake, stir, wag, budge
acompañar verb
accompany, join, escort, attach, go along with
bailar verb
dance, spin, jig, prance
dar verb
give, yield, lend, show, teach, hand
bromear verb
joke, banter, jest, fun, fool
retozar verb
romp, gambol, frisk
fingirse verb
pretend to be, act, sham
las rienda suelta noun
alinear verb
align, line, line up, justify, aline
el juego deportivo noun
dejar que se canse verb
jugar a los naipes verb
estar funcionando verb
tener holgura verb
darse de verb
affect, pose as, set up for
colocar verb
place, put, position, set, lay
trabajar verb
work, job, labor, labour
ser verb
be, come, come of
dirigir verb
direct, lead, address, manage, conduct, steer
conducirse verb
behave, comport oneself, go on, go off
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