How to say bear in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for bear? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation


More Spanish words for bear
el oso noun
soportar verb
endure, hold, put up with, hold up, abide
tener verb
have, keep, own, hold, possess
llevar verb
carry, take, bring, lead, wear
dar verb
give, yield, lend, show, teach, hand
aguantar verb
endure, stand, put up, take, put up with
portar verb
resistir verb
resist, hold, endure, hold out, fight, hold on
pagar verb
pay, pay for, repay, pay back, pay out, meet
producir verb
produce, yield, result in, generate, bring about
sostener verb
hold, sustain, support, maintain, uphold
guardar verb
save, keep, guard, hold, observe, retain
dar a luz verb
give birth, give birth to, bring forth, have
ejercer verb
exercise, exert, practice, perform, pursue, wield
parir verb
give birth, calve, bring forth, foal, have
devengar verb
sentir verb
feel, sense, regret, be sorry, be sorry to
padecer verb
suffer, have, suffer from, endure, undergo
bajista noun
admitir verb
admit, accept, allow, acknowledge, recognize
merecer verb
deserve, merit, earn, gain, rate
portarse verb
behave, comport, perform
correr con los gastos verb
ser apropiado para verb
proteger verb
protect, safeguard, secure, shield, guard, preserve
dirigirse hacia verb
head for, make for
profesar verb
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