How to say carry in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for carry? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for carry
llevar verb
take, bring, lead, wear, bear
transportar verb
transport, move, ship, ferry
cargar verb
load, charge, upload, load up, burden
portar verb
tener verb
have, keep, own, bear, hold, possess
acarrear verb
result in, cause, entail, haul, involve
transmitir verb
transmit, convey, broadcast, pass on, send, give
traer verb
bring, bring in, get, bring along, wear
sostener verb
hold, sustain, support, maintain, uphold
conllevar verb
llevar encima verb
andar verb
walk, go, go around, go about, hang around
entrañar verb
extender verb
extend, spread, expand, stretch, spread out, enlarge
ser portador verb
carry on
prolongar verb
prolong, extend, lengthen, protract, prolongate, spin out
tener consigo verb
oírse verb
triunfar verb
succeed, triumph, win, prevail, overcome, trump
encerrar verb
enclose, lock up, shut, confine, encase
retener verb
hold, withhold, keep, hold back, detain, hold on to
arrollar verb
overwhelm, roll up, sweep away, throw back
el transportador noun
conveyor, protractor
ganar verb
win, earn, gain, make, get
aprobar verb
approve, pass, adopt, endorse, agree, support
vencer verb
overcome, beat, defeat, win, conquer, expire
llevar implícito verb
tener en existencia verb
prestarse verb
tener como consecuencia verb
estar en cita verb
hacer prolongas verb
hacer aceptar verb
push through, impose, put over, put through, put across
conquistar verb
conquer, gain, take, capture, win over
realizar prolongas verb
tratar verb
treat, process, try on, attend, behave towards
alcanzar verb
reach, achieve, attain, accomplish, hit
informar verb
inform, report, tell, advise, brief, apprise
imprimir verb
print, print out, imprint, output, impress, run off
producir verb
produce, yield, result in, generate, bring about, develop
revestir verb
coat, cover, encase, revet, lag
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