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How to say keep in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for keep? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for keep
mantener verb
maintain, hold, sustain, support, keep up
tener verb
have, own, bear, hold, possess
el torreón noun
mantenerse verb
keep up, hold together, hold down, tough, last
seguir verb
follow, continue, pursue, go on, keep on
guardar verb
save, guard, hold, observe, retain
la subsistencia noun
conservar verb
preserve, conserve, retain, keep up, hang on
llevar verb
carry, take, bring, lead, wear, bear
continuar verb
continue, carry on, go on, pursue, keep up
estar verb
be, stay, stand, remain, lie, be present
impedir verb
prevent, impede, inhibit, prohibit, guard against
quedarse verb
stay, remain, stick around, stay behind, tarry, hang on
cumplir verb
comply, fulfill, accomplish, satisfy, perform
retener verb
hold, withhold, hold back, detain, hold on to
permanecer verb
stay, remain, abide, stay in, linger
preservar verb
quedar verb
stay, remain, rest, stick around, come up
observar verb
observe, note, watch, look, notice, monitor
detener verb
stop, halt, arrest, detain, stay
no dejar verb
keep away, drop across
aguantar verb
endure, stand, put up, bear, take
acudir verb
turn up, come up, look to, vote, come to the rescue
atenerse verb
go by
custodiar verb
escribir verb
write, spell, write out, write in, write up
criar verb
raise, breed, rear, bring up, grow, nurture
entretener verb
entertain, amuse, occupy, distract, beguile
reservar verb
book, reserve, set aside, secure, set apart
no dar verb
tener guardado verb
conservarse fresco verb
conservarse en buen estado verb
ser propietario verb
poner aparte verb
put aside, set apart, set aside, lay by, lay aside
ocuparse en la cría verb
dedicarse a criar verb
dirigir verb
direct, lead, address, manage, conduct, steer
celebrar verb
celebrate, hold, observe, perform
imponer verb
impose, enforce, set, lay, assert, enjoin
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