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How to say go in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for go? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation


More Spanish words for go
ir verb
be, head, walk, pass, pursue
pasar verb
pass, move, happen, get, go by
salir verb
leave, get out, go out, come out, depart
irse verb
leave, depart, walk, go for, escape
viajar verb
travel, ride, drive, journey, tour
andar verb
walk, go around, go about, hang around, carry
marcharse verb
leave, depart, go away, quit, go off
partir verb
depart, split, break, start off, set out
marchar verb
march, walk, move, go away, travel
volverse verb
become, turn, get, turn around, turn back
ponerse verb
wear, put on, become, up, turn, don
caminar verb
walk, trot, home in on, wend one's way
pasarse verb
go over, pass over, go off, go bad, bandy
hacerse verb
become, get, form, grow into, go through
caer verb
fall, drop, fall down, fall off, fall out
decir verb
say, tell, speak, mention, call, word
hundirse verb
sink, plunge, go down, sag, go under, slump
ceder verb
give, yield, assign, give in, cede
el empuje noun
push, thrust, drive, pressure, buoyancy
venderse verb
sell, sell oneself, go for, come off, give oneself away
estropearse verb
break down, break, spoil, get damaged, go bad
estar disponible verb
ir a toda velocidad verb
nip, go it, live
cortarse verb
cut, cut out, saw, nick oneself
obrar enérgicamente verb
go it, live
rezar por verb
romperse por verb
burst, sever
funcionar verb
work, function, run, operate, perform
la energía noun
energy, power, vigor, drive, spirit, pep
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