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How to say cover in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for cover? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for cover
cubrir verb
coat, serve, drape, overlay, blanket
la cubierta noun
deck, housing, covering, casing, tire
la tapa noun
lid, top, cap, appetizer
la cobertura noun
coverage, hedge, screen
la funda noun
sheath, holster
tapar verb
plug, close, cap, seal, plug up
el refugio noun
refuge, haven, retreat, place of refuge, housing
el forro noun
lining, skin, sheathing, wadding, dust jacket
la envoltura noun
envelope, wrapper, sheath, covering
el abrigo noun
coat, shelter, overcoat, protection, covering
encubrir verb
conceal, hide, mask, cloak, gloss over
el tapón noun
plug, cap, stopper, capful, stopple
ocultar verb
hide, conceal, mask, hide away, occult
el tejadillo noun
disimular verb
hide, conceal, dissimulate, dissemble, pretend
recubrir verb
coat, plate
incluir verb
include, incorporate, take in, comprehend, add in
forrar verb
line, sheathe
comprender verb
understand, comprise, comprehend, include, grasp, perceive
revestir verb
coat, encase, revet, lag, carry
envolver verb
wrap, involve, envelop, wrap up, surround
llenar verb
fill, fill out, fill up, fill in, load, pack
abrigar verb
shelter, harbor, protect, wrap up
el trapo noun
cloth, rag, dishcloth, duster, swab, wiper
arropar verb
clothe, tuck, tuck up
salvar verb
save, salvage, rescue, salve
el lugar de ocultarse noun
cubrir fondos verb
emplomar verb
lead, seal
exponer verb
expose, exhibit, present, display, state, explain
recorrir verb
cuajar verb
set, jell, congeal, thicken, settle
el sobretodo noun
overcoat, topcoat
el lugar de esconderse noun
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