How to say settle in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for settle? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for settle
resolver verb
solve, resolve, decide, work out, determine
establecerse verb
set up, settle down, establish oneself, set up in business, open a branch
liquidar verb
liquidate, close, wind up, sell off, wipe out
arreglar verb
fix, arrange, sort, fix up, mend
colocar verb
place, put, position, set, lay
establecer verb
establish, set, set up, lay down, form
asentar verb
lay down
pagar verb
pay, pay for, repay, pay back, pay out
fijar verb
set, fix, determine, fasten, focus
colonizar verb
colonize, pioneer
poblar verb
populate, people, colonize, inhabit
depositarse verb
posarse verb
perch, land, alight, sit
satisfacer verb
meet, satisfy, please, provide, indulge
acordar verb
agree, agree on, arrange, agree upon, accord
calmar verb
calm, soothe, calm down, quell, appease
resolverse verb
resolve, work out, break, brace up, scavenge
afincarse verb
acabar con verb
kill, do away with, finish, destroy, break
estabilizar verb
stabilize, make stable, peg, ballast, make steady
serenarse verb
sober up, play it cool, pull oneself together
arbitrar verb
arbitrate, judge, moderate
disipar verb
dispel, dissipate, remove, disperse, clear up
clarificar verb
clarify, clear, illuminate, refine
localizarse verb
poner en orden verb
tidy, tidy up, dispose, regularize
cuajar verb
set, jell, congeal, thicken, take
asignar verb
assign, allocate, allot, earmark, apportion, mete
domiciliarse verb
despachar verb
dispatch, send, despatch, dispose of, serve
venir verb
come, come round, come through, come across, come of
entablarse verb
hacer caer verb
topple, trip, push down, trip up, tumble
arrellanarse verb
sink, sprawl, loll, spread oneself
el banco noun
bank, bench, shoal, school
clarificarse verb
hundirse poco a poco verb
espesarse verb
thicken, get thicker, coagulate, reduce
volver a la normalidad verb
el escaño noun
seat, bench
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