How to say close in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for close? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for close
cerrar verb
shut, shut down, lock, close down, seal
cerca adverb
near, around, nearby, by, short
cercano adjective
nearby, near, neighboring, handy, neighbouring
cerrarse verb
shut, shut down, fasten, break up, knit up
próximo adjective
next, near, coming, forthcoming, nearby
estrecho adjective
narrow, tight, cramped, small, intimate
el fin noun
end, last, aim, goal, ending
el final noun
end, final, finish, ending, finale
íntimo adjective
intimate, private, personal, familiar, near
cerrado adjective
closed, shut, cloudy, sharp, tight
finalizar verb
finalize, terminate, conclude, expire, closure
concluir verb
conclude, end, finish, infer, wind up
acercar verb
bring closer, bring near, draw near, pull up, draw up
la conclusión noun
conclusion, end, ending, closure, inference
detallado adjective
detailed, itemized, full, elaborate, intimate
estricto adjective
strict, tight, severe, austere
cercanamente adverb
closely, wall to wall
compacto adjective
el recinto noun
enclosure, compound, precinct, inclosure
sofocante adjective
suffocating, stifling, sultry, oppressive, frowsty
tapar verb
cover, plug, cap, seal, plug up
liquidar verb
liquidate, settle, wind up, sell off, wipe out
tacaño adjective
stingy, mean, miserly, niggardly, tight
reservado adjective
reserved, quiet, kept, uncommunicative, close-mouthed
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