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How to say get in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for get? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for get
obtener verb
obtain, earn, secure, derive, acquire
llegar verb
reach, arrive, come, get in, come in
conseguir verb
achieve, obtain, gain, attain, accomplish
recibir verb
receive, welcome, take in, bow in
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause, render
ponerse verb
wear, put on, become, up, turn, don
sacar verb
take, draw, take out, bring out, extract
lograr verb
achieve, accomplish, attain, reach, obtain
hacerse verb
become, go, form, grow into, go through
coger verb
take, catch, pick, pick up, grab
buscar verb
search, search for, look, seek, look for, look up
empezar verb
start, begin, start off, commence, initiate
adquirir verb
acquire, purchase, gain, obtain, pick up
pasar verb
pass, go, move, happen, go by
comprar verb
buy, purchase, buy up, pick up, invest in
llamar verb
call, knock, name, ring, call up
llevarse verb
take away, win, carry away, carry off, walk away
ganar verb
win, earn, gain, make, beat
traer verb
bring, bring in, carry, bring along, wear
ir a verb
visit, attend, come in for
captar verb
capture, catch, attract, pick up, understand
volverse verb
become, turn, go, turn around, turn back
entender verb
understand, grasp, realize, comprehend, believe
agarrar verb
grab, grasp, grip, catch, hold
darse verb
assume, lend, dedicate, take to, exchange
llegar a ser verb
become, grow into, blossom into
ir por verb
go for, take, fetch
preparar verb
prepare, make, ready, draw up, train, draft
cobrar verb
charge, collect, receive, gain, retrieve
ir a buscar verb
fetch, go for
comprender verb
understand, comprise, comprehend, include, grasp
parar verb
stop, halt, end, end up, parry, cease
largarse verb
scoot, take off, split, make off, bugger off
cazar verb
hunt, chase, bag, go after, prowl
marcar verb
mark, dial, score, set, tick, check off
dar en verb
hit, develop, land, pip
persuadir verb
persuade, induce, argue, lead, bring around, bring round
convertirse en verb
detener verb
stop, halt, arrest, detain, keep, stay
sintonizar verb
tune in, syntonize
prender verb
turn on, catch, take, arrest, apprehend
granjearse verb
transformarse en verb
haber verb
hacerse detener verb
atribuir verb
attribute, ascribe, assign, refer, affix
atribuirse verb
arrogate to
trasladar verb
move, transfer, translate, move house
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