How to say hold in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for hold? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for hold
el asimiento noun
seizure, grasp, grip, handgrip
mantener verb
maintain, keep, sustain, support, keep up
celebrar verb
celebrate, observe, perform, keep
sostener verb
sustain, support, maintain, uphold, hold up
contener verb
contain, include, restrain, hold back, suppress
tener verb
have, keep, own, bear, possess
retener verb
withhold, keep, hold back, detain, hold on to
sujetar verb
secure, fasten, attach, anchor, clip
guardar verb
save, keep, guard, observe, retain
ocupar verb
occupy, fill, take, take up, engage
soportar verb
bear, endure, put up with, hold up, abide
resistir verb
resist, endure, hold out, fight, hold on
agarrar verb
grab, grasp, grip, catch, seize
agarrarse verb
grip, hold on to, grapple, fight, bite
ostentar verb
display, flaunt
coger verb
take, catch, get, pick, pick up
seguir verb
follow, continue, keep, pursue, go on
estar verb
be, stay, stand, remain, lie
el asidero noun
handle, grip, handgrip, holder, belay
estar en posesión de verb
continuar verb
continue, carry on, keep, go on, pursue
valer verb
avail, score
mantenerse firme verb
stand pat, bear up, hold one's own
los agarro noun
grab, grasp, grip
el dominio noun
domain, dominion, dominance, domination, rule
la presa noun
prey, dam, quarry, prize, weir, catch
el arraigo noun
tener capacidad verb
agarrarse a verb
la influencia noun
influence, clout, sway, power, influx
tener capacidad para verb
recuperar verb
recover, retrieve, regain, reclaim, recoup, recuperate
pegarse verb
stick, cling, stick together, adhere, stick on
la bodega de carga noun
seguir bueno verb
hold up
ser valedero verb
el compartimiento de carga noun
tener guardado verb
tener en reserva verb
ofrecer verb
offer, give, present, feature, offer up, extend
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