How to say score in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for score? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for score
calificar verb
qualify, rate, grade, label, mark
la puntuación noun
punctuation, mark
marcar verb
mark, dial, set, tick, check off
la partitura noun
el resultado noun
result, outcome, effect, consequence, sequence
la calificación noun
qualification, mark, description
conseguir verb
get, achieve, obtain, gain, attain
la cuenta noun
account, count, bill, tally, tab
la veintena noun
el tanteo noun
scoring, trial, test, try, calculation
la raya noun
stripe, line, streak, scratch, crease
el tanto noun
point, touchdown
la muesca noun
notch, slot, nick, indent, mortise
la estría noun
groove, flute, stretchmark
rayar verb
scratch, line, underline, cross out
apuntar verb
point, aim, record, write down, jot down, register
marcar un gol verb
tantear verb
probe, try, keep the score
valer verb
estriar verb
groove, striate, flute
marcar un tanto verb
el arañazo noun
scratch, scrape
aventajar verb
excel, surpass, outstrip, outmatch, top
la observación mordaz noun
tener éxito verb
succeed, be successful, win, take, get on
obtener una nota de verb
orquestar verb
subrayar verb
underline, stress, highlight, underscore, reiterate
hacer una muesca en verb
la señal noun
signal, mark, bookmark, marker, deposit, trace
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