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How to say stop in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for stop? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for stop
la parada noun
stopping, stand, standstill, stoppage, halt
detener verb
halt, arrest, detain, keep, stay
dejar verb
leave, let, make, allow, quit
parar verb
halt, end, end up, parry, cease
el tope noun
top, maximum, lock, buffer stop, bumper guard
suspender verb
suspend, stay, discontinue, call off, adjourn
cesar verb
cease, end, terminate, break, let up
pararse verb
stand up, get up, halt, stall, pull up
terminar verb
end, finish, complete, end up, terminate
el alto noun
halt, standstill
bloquear verb
block, lock, blockade, obstruct, secure
la pausa noun
pause, break, rest, interval, interlude
la interrupción noun
interruption, break, failure, halting, pause
cerrar verb
close, shut, shut down, lock, close down
el punto noun
point, spot, dot, degree, period
de alto adjective
tapar verb
cover, plug, close, cap, seal, plug up
cegar verb
la oclusiva noun
la estancia noun
stay, residence, living room, lounge, residency
hospedarse verb
lodge, board, put up
el registro noun
registration, record, register, registry, recording
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