How to say start in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for start? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for start
comenzar verb
begin, commence, initiate, launch, open
el comienzo noun
beginning, onset, commencement, starting, outset
el empiezo noun
beginning, commencement, incipience, origin, inception
empezar verb
begin, get, start off, commence, initiate
iniciar verb
initiate, launch, open, log in, enter into
el principio noun
principle, beginning, outset, tenet, rule
la salida noun
output, departure, exit, outlet, way out
la ventaja noun
advantage, benefit, vantage, avail, interest, pull
el respingo noun
poner en marcha verb
emprender verb
undertake, launch, take up, take on, set out
abrir verb
open, open up, break, cut open, unfold
el susto noun
scare, fright, terror, alarm, affright
ponerse en marcha verb
get going, sally out, draw out, launch out, sally forth
principiar verb
punto de arranque noun
entablar verb
enter into, establish, file, initiate, begin
dar verb
give, yield, lend, show, teach, hand
funcionar verb
work, function, run, operate, perform
fundar verb
found, establish, form, base, set up
levantar verb
lift, raise, pick up, build, get up, lift up
asustarse verb
panic, get scared, get panicky
la empuñadura noun
handle, grip, hilt, handgrip
combarse verb
sag, bend, bow, camber
saltarse verb
skip, skip over, break, live up, short-circuit
empeñar verb
pawn, pledge, engage, hock, engage in, throw
la justicia noun
justice, righteousness, fairness, right, justness
causar verb
cause, inflict, bring about, give, bring on, entail
declarar verb
declare, state, testify, proclaim, pronounce, announce
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