How to say move in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for move? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for move
el movimiento noun
movement, motion, shake, action, shift
mover verb
shift, shake, stir, wag, budge
moverse verb
travel, stir, shift, budge, move over
la jugada noun
play, gamble
pasar verb
pass, go, happen, get, go by
avanzar verb
advance, proceed, go forward, go on, push forward
el paso noun
step, passage, pass, passing, pace
trasladar verb
transfer, translate, move house
el traslado noun
transfer, emission, translation
trasladarse verb
relocate, transfer, shift, move house
la mudanza noun
removal, change, conversion
mudarse verb
move house
la acción noun
action, share, acting, act, deed, proceeding
la movida noun
movement, happening, affair, gathering
la maniobra noun
maneuver, maneuvering, handling, dodge, opening gambit
mudar verb
change, shed, slough, molt, moult
jugar verb
play, gamble, play around, play at, sport
transportar verb
transport, carry, ship, ferry
conmover verb
touch, shake, stir, affect, pierce
emocionar verb
thrill, excite, stir, key up, work up
remover verb
stir, stir up, dig, rake up, rake over
marchar verb
march, go, walk, go away, travel
colocar verb
place, put, position, set, lay
empujar verb
push, drive, shove, urge, thrust
agitar verb
shake, agitate, wave, flutter, shake up
menear verb
shake, wiggle, wag, waggle, wriggle
dar un paso verb
step, step forward, back away
cambiar de sitio verb
ir para verb
proceed, track, home in on
propulsar verb
irse con verb
get along with, throw over, go astray, betake
hacer progreso verb
come on
impeler verb
impel, urge, propel, drive, thrust
bullir verb
boil, seethe
impresionar verb
impress, make an impression, strike, awe, put oneself over
la gestión noun
conduct, negotiation, arrangement, demarche
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