How to say shake in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for shake? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for shake
la sacudida noun
jolt, shaking, shock, jog, toss
agitar verb
agitate, wave, flutter, shake up, move
sacudir verb
shake off, shake up, sway, jolt, shake out
el movimiento noun
movement, motion, move, action, shift
el batido noun
temblar verb
tremble, shiver, quake, quaver
el temblor noun
tremor, trembling, quake, earthquake, shiver
mover verb
move, shift, stir, wag, budge
estremecer verb
menear verb
wiggle, wag, move, waggle, wriggle
librarse de verb
rid oneself of, jettison
conmover verb
move, touch, stir, affect, pierce
agitarse verb
churn, toss, fidget, wave, flap
estremecerse verb
shudder, shiver, tremble, quiver, thrill
hacer temblar verb
quebrantar verb
break, undermine, disrupt, shatter, tear
vibrar verb
vibrate, throb, pulsate, pulse
zarandear verb
jostle, buffet
hacer vacilar verb
trastornar verb
unsettle, turn, derange, disorder, dislocate
el apretón de manos noun
handshake, shake of hands
conmoverse verb
mermar verb
deplete, abate, waste away
los trino noun
trill, roulade, warble, quaver
esgrimir verb
wield, use, brandish, fence
desconcertar en algo verb
discomfit, stump, rattle, tell off
la grieta noun
crack, rift, fissure, crevasse, cleft, chink
trinar verb
trill, warble, quaver
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