How to say drive in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for drive? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for drive
conducir verb
lead, conduct, bring, steer, guide
el drive noun
empujar verb
push, shove, urge, thrust, press
manejar verb
handle, manage, operate, use, run
el impulso noun
impulse, momentum, impetus, urge
el viaje noun
trip, travel, journey, tour, voyage
el paseo noun
walk, ride, stroll, promenade, tour
el empuje noun
push, thrust, pressure, buoyancy, shove
el avance noun
advance, progress, development, preview, lead, trailer
el dinamismo noun
dynamism, thrust, pep
la energía noun
energy, power, vigor, spirit, pep
dirigir verb
direct, lead, address, manage, conduct
viajar verb
travel, go, ride, journey, tour
llevar verb
carry, take, bring, lead, wear, bear
el ataque noun
attack, strike, assault, raid, seizure
guiar verb
guide, lead, steer, direct, govern
mover verb
move, shift, shake, stir, wag, budge
la batida noun
raid, beat, beating
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause
clavar verb
nail, stick, sink, nail down, press in
hincar verb
sink, thrust
transportar verb
transport, carry, move, ship, ferry
pasearse verb
walk, stroll, wander, walk around, walk about
atacar verb
attack, strike, tackle, assault, raid, engage
forzar verb
force, strain, coerce, break in, break into
batir verb
break, churn, flap, cream, whip up, whir
impeler verb
impel, urge, propel, move, thrust
provocar verb
provoke, trigger, induce, elicit, incite
abrir verb
open, open up, start, break, cut open, unfold
perforar verb
drill, punch, perforate, puncture, bore, hole
volver en verb
go up, roll in
llevar en coche verb
run back, drive over
desesperar verb
estar lloviendo verb
los golpe fuerte noun
swipe, staggerer, swinger, swat, coup
golpear verb
hit, strike, beat, knock, kick
pasearse en coche verb
hacer sudar verb
hacer trabajar verb
work, harness
introducir a la fuerza verb
asestar verb
deal, land, aim, throw, fire
denunciar verb
denounce, inform, denunciate, inform against, squeal, nark
practicar verb
practice, practise
dar un paseo en coche verb
construir verb
build, construct, erect, set up, put up, rig up
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