How to say place in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for place? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for place
el lugar noun
site, spot, room, point, lieu
colocar verb
put, position, set, lay, settle
poner verb
put, add, set, lay, give
el sitio noun
site, website, room, location, spot
situar verb
position, situate, set, site, lay
el puesto noun
post, position, job, envelope, cadre
la posición noun
position, location, standing, status, stand
la plaza noun
square, plaza, piazza, seat, arena
la casa noun
house, home, household, homestead, hostel
el local noun
local, premises
la localidad noun
locality, location, ticket
la parte noun
part, party, portion, side, share
el momento noun
time, moment, point, minute, momentum, instant
el asiento noun
seat, seating, chair, trim, sitting
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause, render
el edificio noun
building, edifice, premises, outbuilding, erection
cubierto noun
server, cloaking, cover-up
meter verb
put, insert, shove, dip, thrust
el oficio noun
job, office, trade, craft, profession, occupation
asentar verb
settle, lay down
clasificarse verb
qualify, rank
estacionar verb
park, station
hacer público verb
publicize, declassify
entonar verb
tone, intone, intonate, sound, pitch
la página noun
invertir verb
invest, invert, put, put out, tie up, lay out
emplear verb
use, employ, hire, engage, invest, occupy
reconocer verb
recognize, acknowledge, admit, know, spot
estampar verb
stamp, print, swage, imprint, press, impress
vender verb
sell, market, trade, vend, hive off, trade up
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