How to say ring in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for ring? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for ring
el anillo noun
sonar verb
sound, play, toot, rattle, jangle
llamar verb
call, get, knock, name, call up
tocar verb
touch, play, perform, contact, feel
el timbre noun
bell, timbre, ding
la llamada noun
call, appeal, knock
el aro noun
hoop, earring, arum
la anilla noun
el círculo noun
circle, round, circumference, rondure
el cuadrilátero noun
quadrilateral, quadrangle, boxing ring, quad, prize ring
la pista noun
track, runway, clue, trail, rink
la argolla noun
el tono noun
tone, pitch, shade, key
la alianza noun
resonar verb
resonate, resound, echo, sound, boom
el corro noun
la resonancia noun
resonance, repercussion
el arete noun
el hornillo noun
stove, small furnace
repicar verb
peal, chime
la pandilla noun
gang, clique, band, crew, mob, coterie
la camarilla noun
clique, cabal, camarilla, caucus, cubicle
el anillito noun
tañer verb
toll, chime
zumbar verb
buzz, tingle, zoom, drone, burr
el retintín noun
tinkle, jingle, tinkling
el toque de timbre noun
el cercado noun
fence, enclosure, inclosure, pale
hacer sonar verb
rattle, jingle, jangle, clank, clang
el sonido metálico noun
clink, clang, jangle
la confabulación noun
collusion, confabulation, plot
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