How to say catch in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for catch? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for catch
la captura noun
capture, trapping, arrest, apprehension
coger verb
take, get, pick, pick up, grab
atrapar verb
trap, cop
tomar verb
take, have, drink, take up, take on
capturar verb
captar verb
capture, attract, get, pick up, understand
la pesca noun
la trampa noun
trap, cheating, snare, cheat, trick, pitfall
el pestillo noun
latch, bolt
la presa noun
prey, dam, quarry, prize, weir
pescar verb
fish, hook, drabble
la cogida noun
agarrar verb
grab, grasp, grip, hold, seize
prenderse verb
catch fire, go on, go off
recoger verb
collect, pick, pick up, gather, reap, harvest
contagiarse verb
be contagious
prender verb
turn on, take, arrest, apprehend, capture
pegar verb
paste, stick, glue, hit, strike
sorprender verb
surprise, astonish, astound, overtake, catch out
llegar verb
get, reach, arrive, come, get in
engancharse verb
engage, hook, snag, enlist
asir verb
grab, grasp, grip, seize, take
adquirir verb
acquire, purchase, gain, get, obtain
parar verb
stop, halt, end, end up, parry
oír verb
hear, listen, overhear
percibir verb
perceive, sense, notice, discern, earn
quemarse verb
burn, scorch, blow
comprender verb
understand, comprise, comprehend, include, grasp
encenderse verb
light, go on, ignite, come on, flare
coger en una falta verb
catch out
frenar verb
brake, back away
rozar contra verb
brush up against, scrape, scuff, nibble
ludir verb
llegar a oír verb
entrecoger verb
suspender verb
suspend, stay, stop, discontinue, call off, adjourn
la comida de pesca noun
el canon noun
canon, tenet, doctrine, dogma
merecerse verb
deserve, earn
engranar verb
engage, mesh, gear, interlock
adoptar verb
adopt, assume, espouse, go in for
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