How to say turn in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for turn? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for turn
la vez noun
time, occasion, lieu
convertir verb
convert, transform, proselytize, turn around, turn about
girar verb
rotate, spin, revolve, twist, swivel
la vuelta noun
return, round, lap, spin, turning
el giro noun
order, twirl, whirl, gyration, gyre
el turno noun
inning, innings, orderly turn
la curva noun
curve, bend, loop, crook
convertirse verb
convert, adapt, turn about
transformar verb
transform, change, convert, process, turn around
el viraje noun
swerve, toning, volte-face
la espira noun
spiral, spire, whorl
doblar verb
bend, double, fold, flex, round
el recodo noun
bend, turning, elbow, loop, twist
la oportunidad noun
opportunity, chance, occasion, shot, break, advisability
volver verb
return, go back, come back, get back, put back
cambiar verb
change, switch, shift, exchange, alter
volverse verb
become, go, get, turn around, turn back
el sesgo noun
slant, twist, cant, warp
pasar verb
pass, go, move, happen, get, go by
la revolución noun
revolution, rev
la salida noun
output, departure, exit, outlet, way out, start
la forma noun
form, way, shape, pattern, likeness
el cambio de dirección noun
torcer verb
twist, distort, change, inflect, sprain
la jugada noun
move, play, gamble
la pasada noun
pass, passade
desviarse verb
deviate, detour, turn off, turn aside, vary
el susto noun
scare, fright, terror, alarm, affright
ponerse verb
wear, put on, become, up, don
transformarse verb
turn around, turn about, throw
el ataque noun
attack, strike, assault, raid, seizure
la crisis noun
crisis, emergency, depression
hacer girar verb
rotate, pivot, revolve, whirl, twiddle
revolver verb
stir, mix, turn around
dar una vuelta verb
walk around, go for a walk, go round, get round, wheel
repuntar verb
turn around, turn about
dar vueltas a verb
rotate, turn around, wind, wind up
la propensión noun
propensity, tendency, susceptibility, proneness, inclination
la configuración noun
el desmayo noun
fainting, swoon, insensibility
cortarse verb
cut, cut out, saw, nick oneself
devolver a verb
turn around, turn about, throw up
mudar verb
move, change, shed, slough, molt, moult
el vahído noun
dirigir a verb
aim at, set, turn around, turn about
destornillar verb
unscrew, screw off, turn about, turn around
volver agrio verb
turn about, turn around, tie up, send
el talento bueno noun
dower, flair
girar sobre los talones verb
turn about, turn around, turn round
agriarse verb
sour, turn sour, turn around, turn about
agriar verb
sour, turn about, turn around
desviar sobre verb
deflect, detour, shunt
dorarse verb
brown, turn about, turn around
descolorarse verb
fade, discolor, discolour, turn about, turn around
atornillar verb
trastornar verb
unsettle, shake, derange, disorder, dislocate
ir hasta verb
tail away, tail off, turn about, turn around, toddle
sufrir cambio verb
volver al revés verb
reverse, turn about, turn around, invert
el número noun
number, issue, numeral, size, figure
el aspecto noun
aspect, appearance, look, side, point, regard
la aptitud noun
fitness, aptitude, ability, competence, competency
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