How to say look in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for look? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for look
la mirada noun
gaze, glance, peek, regard
buscar verb
search, search for, seek, look for, look up
mirar verb
look at, watch, see, view, glance
los vistazo noun
glance, browse, gander, squint, once-over
el aspecto noun
aspect, appearance, side, point, regard
ver verb
see, view, watch, hear, see into
la apariencia noun
appearance, semblance, seeming, veneer, illusion
parecer verb
seem, appear, look like, sound, resemble
observar verb
observe, note, watch, notice, monitor
parecerse verb
look alike
esperar verb
wait, expect, wait for, hope, await, wait around
la cara noun
face, side, appearance, facade, phiz
vigilar verb
watch, guard, watch over, keep an eye on, follow
las ojeada noun
glance, peek
el aire noun
air, wind, midair, tune
el estilo noun
style, design, manner, stylus, stroke
aguardar verb
wait, await, expect, watch
espiar verb
spy, spy on, watch, keep watch on
el cariz noun
appearance, outlook
la moda noun
fashion, fad, style, vogue, trend
la facha noun
figure, posh person
acechar verb
watch, lie in wait, waylay, ambush, spy
estar orientado verb
tener aire de verb
tener ojo verb
watch, look out, watch out
tener observado verb
presentar atención verb
expresar con mirada verb
ser cuidadoso verb
estar parecido verb
trace back
tener traza de verb
tener orientación verb
el empaque noun
packing, boxing
expresar con ojos verb
mostrarse verb
appear, come out, develop
proteger verb
protect, safeguard, secure, shield, guard
guardar verb
save, keep, guard, hold, observe, retain
representar verb
represent, depict, play, portray, act, perform
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