How to say stand in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for stand? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for stand
estar verb
be, stay, remain, lie, be present
la posición noun
position, location, place, standing, status
el puesto noun
post, position, place, job, envelope
la postura noun
position, posture, stance, pose, attitude
estar de pie verb
aguantar verb
endure, put up, bear, take, put up with
la parada noun
stop, stopping, standstill, stoppage, halt
colocar verb
place, put, position, set, lay, settle
tolerar verb
tolerate, endure, countenance, abide, permit
los estante noun
shelf, rack, bookcase, wrack, prop, piece of furniture with shelves
poner verb
put, add, place, set, lay
la caseta noun
la resistencia noun
resistance, strength, endurance, resilience, toughness
encontrarse verb
meet, meet each other, be situated, collide, clash
medir verb
measure, gauge, measure out
estar situado verb
locate, be lying, lie, nestle
el sostén noun
support, bra, brassiere, supporter, prop
la banca noun
banking, bank
mantenerse en vigor verb
la línea noun
line, cable, cord
los empalme noun
splice, joint, junction, connection, union
invitar a verb
treat, bid
las función noun
function, performance, show
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