How to say lie in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for lie? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for lie
las mentira noun
falsehood, untruth, deceit, deception, mendacity
mentir verb
tell a lie, prevaricate, fib
las mentiras noun
lying, falsification, drivel, foolery
estar verb
be, stay, stand, remain, be present
acostarse verb
lie down, go to bed, turn in, bed down
yacer verb
encontrarse verb
meet, meet each other, be situated, stand, collide, clash
descansar verb
rest, repose, take a rest, recline, lay over
la posición noun
position, location, place, standing, status
el embuste noun
trick, fib, whopper
tenderse verb
be lying
echarse verb
lie down, throw, lay down, stretch out, throw oneself
estar tendido verb
lie down
reposar verb
rest, repose, take a rest, couch, doss
estar acostado verb
be lying down, be in bed
hallarse verb
be, find oneself
estar tumbado verb
be lying, lie down
los embustes noun
humbug, trinkets, jiggery-pokery
estar situado verb
locate, be lying, stand, nestle
extenderse verb
extend, spread, range, expand, stretch
estar echado verb
lie down, lay
estar enterrado verb
lie down
pasar el ocio verb
ser admisible verb
be lying
tener descanso verb
lie up
estar de vacaciones verb
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