How to say deal in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for deal? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for deal
el acuerdo noun
agreement, accordance, arrangement, accord, settlement
el trato noun
treatment, bargain, relationship, intercourse, agreement
el reparto noun
distribution, delivery, allocation, division, sharing out
la cantidad noun
amount, quantity, lot, sum, total
el negocio noun
bargain, trade, commerce, transaction, biz
la parte noun
part, party, portion, side, share, section
el pacto noun
covenant, pact, agreement, compact, accord
la transacción noun
transaction, trade
el convenio noun
agreement, convention, covenant, contract, arrangement
negociar verb
negotiate, bargain, treat
la mano noun
hand, handball, lead, keeping, mitt
repartir verb
distribute, hand out, apportion, give out, share out
dar verb
give, yield, lend, show, teach, hand
comerciar verb
trade, traffic, merchandise, merchandize
traficar verb
traffic, trade
cerrar un trato verb
strike a bargain, make a bargain, clinch
asestar verb
land, aim, throw, fire, thrust
los pacto secreto noun
la madera de pino noun
comprar y vender verb
el tablón viga noun
ser mano verb
cesar un trato verb
tener la cantidad de algo verb
descargar verb
download, unload, discharge, offload, release
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